Computer simply shuts down in the process of backing up HELP

I have downloaded the free trial of CloneDVD2 and AnyDVD from When I run the software it works just find but 20 minutes into the process my computer simply shuts down … no error message or anything it just turns off. I checked all the power management tools to make sure it wasn’t turning my computer off. They are all turned off and I’m just lost. Help anyone!


Use Spybot and a good viruskiller like AVG7 free and check your whole system for viruses, adware and trojans!!!

Over temp maybe?

Could be, if these options are ON in the BIOS…

what does over temp mean? And how do I check if it’s in the BIOS? thanks I have McAfee and will check for virus but it only happens when I try to read a dvd to back it up

Check the temperatures in the BIOS.

Over Temp = Your using a program to preform a very data intensive task. As the CPU is required to work harder it uses more power and gets hotter. At some point it will simple shut itself off to protect itself. Run your program for lets say 10 minutes then go into you bios and look at the temps. Report back here. Right now at idle my CPU temp is 116F 47C

ok (just clal me newbie) how do I check the temp?

Reboot your computer: As it is rebooting keep tapping the “Delete” key. You bios screen will pop up. In there is a place to look at temps and voltages. It varies depending on the bios maker where this is located. On mine it’s under “Hardware properties” DON"T make any changes while in those screens. When done just “Exit” I can’t capture a screen shot to show you while in my bios screen.

Or you can use a program such as Motherboard Monitor. Runs in your taskbar so that it is visible at all times. Simply find your motherboard in the list and go.

However, this sounds more like an overworked/underpowered power supply. What is the specs of yours?