Computer shutting down?

After some recent additions to my htpc, it has started shutting down. I have only seen it once, and it didn’t just die, windows shut down. It has shut down several other times but I haven’t seen it. My wife claims to have seen it just die, but her computer knowledge is low, and she may have missed something. At least twice, I was in the kitchen, and when a video ended (played through nero showtime), the computer shut down. I cannot get it to do it in front of me though.

I installed another hard drive (making it 8 hard drives).

I installed an antec basic veris remote control (which does have the power switch from the case going to it and then to the motherboard), and I have not installed the software for it yet. I have seen part of a few shut downs (I was in another room, a show ended, and the computer shut down). I thought that the remote unit might be shutting it down after a show but when watching it, it doesn’t happen.

I installed an internal card reader. I cannot see how it would cause it.

I have 3 pci slot fans and one has started making noise (like a wire was hitting the fan intermittently, but there are no wires to hit it). It is almost touching the back of the video card. Maybe its shorted out.

the power supply might be too small and the extra hard drive pushed it over the limit. I also put a different optical and maybe it requires more power. The label side is not exposed so I’m not sure what power supply is in it, but it is an antec, and it is at least a true power 430 watt (the original true power’s, but I got it old stock cheap, and it sat on the shelf for a while, so it has less than 2 years actual use). It might also be an antec basic 500 watt.

Tonight I saw something weird. I turned on the microwave, the lights dimmed, and it shut down. The wife says that this has happened other times when the microwave is used over the past few days since I worked on it. Thing is, it is connected to a ups, and it shut down, but 2 other computers that are connected to the same ups, did not shut down. Maybe the power supply is so overtaxed, that it cannot handle when the ups switches to battery?

Anyone got any clues? Its not heat. Its an antec 900 case with 3 120mm, 3 pci slot fans and a 200mm fan. All hard drives have some sort of fan. I have checked all temps in software, and one of the hard drives is mounted in a temp sensor/cooler, that reads the drive temp and a remote temp. Nothing is hot. The wires are a massive pile of crap, but there is enough air to deal with it.

I already have an antec true power trio 550 watt that I am going to install (in case it is the power supply), and if I can figure a way (with the 900 case), I want to run custom wireing, something like I did with my plus view case
but I’m not sure where I’m going to fit it yet?

Anyone got some guesses as to where the problem really lies (there is a lot of trouble shooting to do, and there are so many wires, if I touch anything, a few cables get pulled out, usually sata cables). I’m working on a plan with the wires (with any luck, I’ll find room for custom power wiring but there’s not much more I can do with ide drives than round cables).

As far as spec and the power supply, its an athlon (single core) 64 3400, abit ax8 motherboard which is not currently overclocked (I think, I guess I should check, but the heat sink is ample and temps are good). It has 2 gig of memory (again, not sure what, I cannot get past the wires to look, but its 4 sticks, most likely unmatched Kingston sticks). vid card is a shaphire 2600 pro. sound card is sound blaster (no idea, most likely an x-fi audio).

try to install software to see if there are any conflicts &
here’s a link for the new egg power supply calculator

If it’s shuts down “cleanly” it’s most likely caused by the software. A PSU doesn’t know how to shutdown a computer cleanly. You probably want to check the event logs of what’s causing it to shutdown. A guess would be that it draws too much power so the UPS triggers a shutdown (if it’s connected to the comp that is) or the remote does something funny. It could also be the power button itself…

Ripit, take the ups out of the loop and then use the microwave. This will at least eliminate it.
I am on a 240 volt system here in the UK, if I put on the oven, washing machine, dishwasher, microwave and electric immersion heater, my lights do not dim! even though the load is 11 kilowatts.
There is either a fault with the microwave or you have a high resistance in the house wiring, both require investigation.
You are close to your limit with your power supply but as dizzy said if the machine shuts down cleanly that at least is probably not at fault.
Can you put a volt meter on the line input to the ups and then see what it drops to when the microwave is started. I think that the switch on surge should be handled by the ups providing it’s man enough for your set up.
What have you set the ups software to do should it detect an outage?

Microwave ovens should really be on their own dedicated circuit breaker. You can also check to see if your house is wired with aluminum power wire, they did that back in the 70’s or something.

But I agree with Dizzy, because that is too controlled to shut down only at the end of a movie. check your movie software, some have settings for when running on battery mode, it might be set to shutdown at the end of a movie when on battery backup.

Also you UPS must be HUMUNGOUS to handle 3 PC’s at once! If it has software to test that things are working, try running it for 10 seconds, while the 3 PC’s are runing.

It too early to tell for sure, but it looks like it may have been the ups. It has been running for a few hours on another larger one with no problems so far. By the way, its only the 3 computers on the ups. Monitors are on a second ups and everything else is on a third ups. Its been fine like that for a while, but I did put new ups’s in place when I worked on it (the old ones were pretty old and having problems). It would seem that it was too small for 3 computers (the old one must have been rated higher). The small new one was rated at 280 watts or something like that. The newest new one is 650va/390 watts if I’m not mistaken, so hopefully that will fix the problem.
As far as the wiring/power, the microwave is on another breaker, but this apartment is not wired that well (and or not wired for very much power). Looking at the breaker box, there is only 215 amps for the whole apartment. When the washer or dryer starts (in the laundry room, on their power not ours, but right next to our apartment), it causes power surges too. Thats why I have all electronics on ups’s. Hopefully the larger one will solve the problem. The weird thing is that the smaller ups has shut down capabilities, but I hadn’t hooked it up yet.
I think I’ll install antec 550 watt trio anyway. The other two computers are minimal systems. One is the kids computer and the other is an internet phone server. They have the basics (single hard drive, single optical).

if it shuts down normally and does.t cut the power instantly it has nothing to do with the power circuits unless your previous ups was connected to the pc with software also

I’m a little perplexed myself. I have a couple of theory’s but they are just guesses. From doing a little reading, the power good signal can reset the computer if the power supply goes too far out of spec. (assuming the power supply has that kind of protection I guess). So maybe there was a power surge from the crappy apartment wiring, the ups switched to battery power (fyi it was actually 230 watts, not 280 watts). The battery couldn’t put out enough power. The power supply, not being feed enough power, shut off the power good signal, and the motherbaord reset the computer.
the other idea. I installed an antec veris remote control unit. The case power switch goes to it, and it goes to the motherboard. It is a powered unit. the power problems may have caused it to reset the computer.

Regardless of what happened (I’m still not sure), it rebooted at least a dozen times in 2 days with the smaller ups, but with the bigger ups (390 watts), it hasn’t rebooted (or rather shut down) in 6 days, so the problem seems to have been fixed by it.

fyi, the power switch/Mb is set so that if you momentarily hit the power switch, it causes windows to shut down (so the motherboard can shut down windows), or if you hold it for 4 seconds, it causes a sudden shutdown with out shutting down windows.