Computer shutting down during download



I purchased DVDFAb Platinum 4. When I am converting a DVD (home movie) my computer shuts itself off about 10% through the conversion. Please help…dh is driving me crazy and I would like to try and enjoy the rest of my weekend:(


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It appears that the shut down is probably due to overheating of the processor.
How old is your system, is it kept in a hostile environment, when was the last time you opened the case and cleaned out the heat sinks?


Also, if you have anything over clocked like the CPU, memory etc. you might need to back things down a little.


don’t want to upset you but there is a virus that does that, suggest you run a scan.


I hate computers too … and swear & curse at them :stuck_out_tongue:
Although, admittedly, that’s usually when using windows :stuck_out_tongue: