Computer shuts downs during converting avi movies




For the past couple of days when im converting avi movies to dvd it gets half way through then my computer shuts off completley…first i was using boilsoft converter then changed to Allok converter but its still doing it… :eek:

Any ideas??? :sad:


Your pc may be overheating. When was the last time it was cleaned?


Are all your fans working?? is your computer running hot??


about a week ago…


was told this had nothing to do with it but it only started happening after i got a new graphics card put in and the fan on it is humming like a b****


Check that a wire is not touching the fan?


Power Supply rating may be the problem as well. Some newer graphics cards use a lot more Amperage/Watts than older ones.


I’m having excatly the same problem. I have the energy efficent x2 3800 which at full stress load runs at about 35 degrees but every single avi to dvd software package I’ve tried reboots my pc. Everything else is fine gaming, stress testing but whenever I try to enode an avi file my system reboots with no error message .

Could someone please advise as its driving me crazy!

Cheers for any advice


Besides trying a new psu, also try to use a different multiplier. For example, my 4600 is not stable with anything other than the 11.5 multi.


Cheers for reply - yeah think its definetly a psu issue as it is a budget 550w that only cost me £18 and I have 2 optical drives + 7600gt + x2 3800 + 1 7200rpm hard drive.

Really 550w should be easily enough but budget psu’s are always lower than advertised and with lower amps on the imprtant 12v rail.

However I think I have managed to fix my problem by installing convertxtodvd encoder (superb program) and setting cpu priority to below normal. Funnily its encoding slightly faster (48fps) and I can surf/use pc with no slowdown.

I now realise just how important and underated a component a good psu is.