Computer shuts down

Just bought a BenQ DW1625, installed it and the minute I put in a dvd in the drive the computer shuts down and restarts on its own. Also it won’t let me eject the dvd.The computers works like normal unless I go to see the drive through explorer and then it shuts down and restarts all over again. Cd 's work fine in the drive. Please help ! Have been reading away at the forum but haven’t got any solutions yet !

First, check and make sure the drive is jumpered properly (master/slave). If that is not the problem, go into control panel/system/hardware/device manager, and under ide atapi, remove the primary and secondary ide devices. Reboot and allow windows to autodetect the drivers. If that doesn’t help, post back here…

Hi again, Did all of the above, Still the same problem. It found the drive and can play cd’s but the minute I put in a dvd, it restarts the computer! Please help!

Hi again,
After trying all stunts to try to get the drive to work, and destroying everything on my comp,have finally decided to call it quits, thanks for your help anyways.

If you can put it in another pc and see if it works.

Hi again! Here’s an update to my problem, I got a replacement for my BenQ and same problem, the got the guys at the store to install an internal Lacie with lightscribe and same problem and they suggested that it may be a power supply problem so I recently purchased a Lacie external lightcribe dvd drive. Now I have discoved that I can read any dvd that i have made with my Liteon 5005 dvd recorder and even burn home dvds. But the minute I put in a copyprotected dvd the computer just reboots that very second. Sent in an error report to microsoft and they replied "The error was likely caused by:

Sonic Solutions CD/DVD Recording Software Component (DRVMCDB.SYS)

My system is an IBM net vista which cam with its own cd rw drive and IBMrecordnow software, I also have an Asus cdrw drive which came with a bundled Nero 5.10 version and the Lacie drive came with Roxio easy media creator. I just can’t figure out what the problem may be why only copy protected dvds and not all. All other cd’s work fine. Please Please help!!!

Is it the Black Desktop Box with the P4 2.6Gz on board?

Yes its black and under the systems folder it says Pentium® 4CPU, 2.53GHZ

Uninstall Sonic MyDVD :slight_smile:

Or uninstall, and download the latest version of Sonic :wink:

I don’t have Mydvd software but , ibm website had given a link to upgrade the recordnow software which belonged to Sonic and no use.Currently have uninstalled it all together.Also have uninstalled nero. Any ideas on whats happening?

Have you run a search for hidden/system folders for file “DRVMCDB.SYS”

If this is still on the system, you still have some sonic software installed on the system.
Confirm you know what everything in your start->control panel->“install/uninstall software” tab is.

If there are no unknowns then the situation is more serious.

If you know how to work in the registry I would do two things first search the registry for DRVMCDB.SYS and remove any keys for it. I would also look in the registry under h key local and current user then software and see if sonic is listed there and remove them also

I had the same problem when I got the internal benq drive which came with bundled nero software and so I deleted the “DRVMCDB.SYS”. The computer died and had to reinstall the lot by F11 key, don’t want to go through that again. I can see the location of this file in a folder called IBMDLA\install and once more in windows\systems32\drivers folder. What I can’t understand is that if there is a problem in reading dvd’s shouldn’t it apply to all dvd’s? why only copy protected ones cause a reboot? Pollushon, you asked if it was a black box, do you have any suggestions?Also here’s something interesting

This link shows a person having a similar problem.

@ zrules,

What software program are you using to play/view your DVDs. Suggest using a known stable proven DVD player software program similar to PowerDVD and remove any and all remnants of your previous DVD play/view software programs.

Also suggest using a registry cleaner software program similar to RegSupreme Pro ( and thoroughly clean your Windows Operating System Registry.

Best Regards,

Hi bjkg,
I am using roxio dvdmax player which came with the Lacie drive. I will uninstall it and try to use PowerDVD . Thanks!

Hi all, good news the drive is finally accepting dvd’s without rebooting. Just changed one setting - dissabled DLA under properties of the drive. Got the tip from another forum on CD Freaks, thanks to all who took the time to reply. Cheers!

I guess you didn’t uninstall it completely :wink:
DLA is part of Sonics “record now” suite.