Computer shuts down when

I have a liteon 48125w and for the last week my computer started shuting down when I attempt to extract or record a cd. It started after I updated easycd creator and my firmware, in additionn I had downloaded my updates for win98 se, I have tried everything including checking the drive in safe mode to ensure that only one cdrom was present, Also I did have an 8 speed plextor hooked as well but have disconnected that while trying to fix my problem. It has been removed from my device manager. Please help if anyone else has run into this!

Uninstall any packet writing software (directCD) and see if that helps.

This has been diabled at start up, when going to add/remove programs it is not listed, I do have aspi installed, which I did that as well cause it was not installed prior, I’m thinking of uninstalling easycd and reinstalling it with the version I had before my problems started! Also one of the updates in windows was the windows media which has the roxio software packaged in it, so I rolled back the update and still no go!

My hard disk controllers list the following devices:

primary ide controller(single fifo)
standard dual pci ide controller
standard ide/esdi hard disk controller
usb disk controller

By shutting down you actually mean shutting down or a hard reboot?
Does it shut down when you start extraction or when it finishes? Any messages prior to shutting down?

It completely shuts down or power off, no error message and it does this about 5 seconds after it starts to extract.

I’ll add that I am able to play a cd without this occurring

Does the same happen with DMA disabled?

Do you use Windows 2000 or XP? If so, try to disable the following:

>start>settings>control panel>system>advanced settings>Startup & Recovery>automatically restart

Maybe you get an error screen or this fixes your problem completely :slight_smile:

The recent ‘blaster’ worm caused shutting down problems.

Have you scanned for that?

Just a thought.


Win 98 is what I use and I have norton live update and catches all of them I’ll scan once more. I remember I had a similar problem, which it knocked out my cd drive, could not detect it, and that was caused by a song I extracted for my son off his friend’s cd and the song would not show up in easy cd, and I had to eaxtract again and it said it already existed, well it was and it was a P-FILE, I did a search and sure enough it was some sort of file that would knock out the drive.

Now, I can’t even hook up the drive without the computer shutting down, I’m going out tomorrow and buy a new hard drive, install all my software and then tranfer my songs and files to the new one.
Does anyone think that maybe my power supply could be the problem? Whe I shut down, then flip the power switch off to work on the pc, then flip the switch it turns on without having to push the power on button! Weird!

Power supply is a deffinite possibility, as is a dying motherboard.
I think I would replace the PSU before I spent money on any new drives. The PSU can kill drives, the MB usually cannot.

I’ll give it a shot, thanks. I thought about this because sometimes I would come home and the pc would be off.

Insufficient power supply by the PSU. Sometimes it can be a motherboard power-off switching due to high CPU temperature, but I think this is not the case.

It was my power supply as the fan was not even working, still have the problem of when I plug it in, flip the switch, it turns on without having to push the button on the front, I’ll check the connector on the motherboard as well as the win 98 updates.

Thanks to all as I was able extract, and hook up both cd burners!

Don’t bother with the Win98 Updates, it’s still the PSU, but in most cases this particular problem is not a defect. It’s the way the PSU is built.

Thanks! For all the help!