Computer Shuts Down When Monitor Atached

So i have this eserver xseries 330. Now being a server it only have 1 way of connecting to a monitor, a DVI cable. So I start the server and plug in the cable and the server instantly shuts down. The led’s confirm that the computer is pluged in but not turned on. If i don’t connect the monitor and i wait around 30 secounds, there is a beep code. 2 short beeps. Now i think it means that there is no keyboard, and as a matter of fact there isnt a keyboard atached. But this doesnt explain why the server shuts down then a monitor is atached, PLZ HELP!!! :bow:

Just to confirm.

Have you tried the Monitor on another PC?
Have you changed the DVI cable?
Have you got a graphics card you can put in the PC to test?
have you tried plugging the monitor in before power on the server?

as for the 2 beeps
Source: page 85
Two Short Beeps (Information only,
the configuration has changed)

  1. Run Diagnostics
  2. Run Configuration/Setup


Also try clearing the CMOS.

  1. Yes i have tried the monitor on another pc, it works normally
  2. Yes i have changes the DVI cable, computer continues to shut down
  3. The only video card i have to test it is the integrated one
  4. Yes i have tried it, computer shuts down when powered on

As for the beeps, the config has been changed, the harddrive has been replased with a new one

Computer still doesnt work

final thing i can think of is unplug all HDD’s, CDROMs ect. and try again but it does Sound like the VGA on your motherboard has had it.

Anyone you can ask to borrow a PCI Video card from?



Acculy its DVI not vga, and i myself have a lot of computer parts, but no video card that would fit this server

Have you ever had this MB/DVI output working before?

If its new and its never worked. try,
-Clearing the CMOS
-Flashing the latest BIOS.