Computer shut down

Im having a problem with my computer,(dell 2400) windows xp (home) 512mb cd/dvd combo,(nec-dvd+rw3100ad.when i first log on,it cuts out shortly after im on,meaning it goes to the windows black screen to soon…ill watch a video clip thats only two min long and it will go to that screen…is there a way to prolong the screen time?if needed any more info on computer first let me know… :doh:

I have another question,people (fourms people at work)say that norton is not that good and i should not use it what do suggest i use? right now i have norton 2005 pack antivi,firewall,etc… :eek:

ok right click anywhere on your desktop
select properties
go to the screen saver tab…where it says wait…XXX minutes change that number to something like 999…should solve that…

as for your other question…look at the Software forum here for firewalls and etc…then you can decide what you want on your machine.

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Nortons is not that bad but it is a major resource hog. I would recommend if you use it to get some more memory but you can also look into AVG Antivirus they have a free version that is pretty good.


Good suggestion with the avg, I’ve been using it for awhile now. One thing though, I’m not sure they offer it for free anymore. I went to their site a little while ago, and I can’t seem to find a free version anymore. All I see is trial version, or the pay us version.

I still had my exe file for avg and it works and updates and everything. It seems like if you had already downloaded it, they’ll still let you use it. But new users they now want to pay for it. Someone tell me if I’m wrong, but I couldn’t find any free version anymore.

there ya go

Oh there it is :slight_smile: I couldn’t see it anywhere at their site. Went and looked again, found it, but only if you go to the site map link. I still don’t see it anywhere else, didn’t look too long though.

I suggest setting the screen saver and monitor to something reasonable, like 30 minutes or so. If you leave the PC on all the time, set the hard drives to spin down after an hour or so.

I can’t stand AVG anymore. I don’t think it is very reliable, mostly due to all the false-positives it’s given me over the past year or so. I have a 2.8 Pentium4 and a gig of RAM and Norton AV 2005 made my system crawl when realtime detection was turned on.

I’m using McAfee 2005 AV and firewall. So far, I’m really digging them. Comcast offers them free of charge to subscribers. Unlimited updates as well, except for the Spam Killer software which is only offered as a 30-day trial.