Computer shops in UK




Where do you guys get your PC Parts from? I have looked at Ebuyer and Dabs, But can’t find any more



Thanks a lot


That should start you off.
I do also use and search in there for “other” dealers websites as well.


Add & (Watford Electronics)




nice to see you`ve included my local computer shop Gladiatorcomputers, i can vouch for them not only local for me but there prices are very good and have a handy litle forum were you can ask about specific items.


I try my best :slight_smile:


My local one, does mail order too.


Thanks for all the replies!


No worries. hope they help. Be aware that some componets can be as much as £30 - £50 cheaper if you shop around just in those store above.




I found to be very ggod.


I go to a computer fair (Bowlers, Trafford Park) for hardware because everything is dirt cheap (no VAT :bow: ).


Hey glamrocker, I know bowlers, But haven’t ever been there. Before I go I would like to know what the price really is like-

For example, How much would I get an AMD Athlon 64 bit 3000+ Socket 939 processor for? Thanks.


Hi furqaan

How much would I get an AMD Athlon 64 bit 3000+ Socket 939 processor for?

I can not answer that until i go down again, but below is the list of stuff i purchased yesterday. Not really what you wanted to know but i buy all my hardware from there as i have not come across a shop what will beat the end price.

100 x Datawrite grey -R dvds = £18
100 x Ridata 80mins 52x blue top cds = £10
6 sets (6 colour, 6 black) compatible Canon S300 printer carts = £18
1 set (4 carts) compatible Epson CX 3600 printer carts = £6
4 thick standard mouse mats = £1
50 single cd jewel cases = £5
Entrance fee = £4
= £62

I highly recommend bowlers.


Thanks, I’ll be sure to check it out :slight_smile: