Computer Scrolling issue

hey gents,

basically my issue is that my computer will uncontrollably start scrolling up and down non stop preety much every day for long periods. and this is with everything , while im on the internet or whatever else has room to scroll up and down.

now ive downloaded anti-virus,anti-spyware and even firewall but none of it was working and it just keeps happening.

can anyone help? is this a known issue? is someone hacking my computer?

thanks alot.

some browsers have an autoscrolling feature, see if you can turn it off.

I have a couple of suggestions / comments.

I have seen similar issues with the keyboards that have the touch pad installed on them or notebook computers with the synaptic touch pad. Most of the time it was due to static electricity conducting on the pad.

  • So if this fits then try to disable the touch pad.

Also I have seen this happen with wireless mice that are faulty or running low on battery power.

Does this happen in a safe mode or recover mode?

I doubt it is a virus/malware IMO.

I can atest a dirty mouse with dust bunnies inside it will do that as well or prevent correct mouse reading and as Alientro low batteries also does this as well. I have a wireless mouse and keyboard. When the mouse is low the warning messages pops up but the mouse also tends to go arriay during this til I replace the batteries. But since I don’t know your exact computer hardware and keyboard or mouse setup type I can only speculate as to the problem.