Computer running very slow when burning dvds/Sony Dru500a. *plz help*

Hi Guys.

I have a Pentium 4 2.00ghz with 512mb of ram and a Sony Dru500a dvd writer with Windows xp installed.

My computers goes extremely slow when i burn a DVD. I didnt have this problem before, I used to surf the net whilst burning without any problems
until recently.

The two main programs that i use for burning are Nero 6 and DVDdecrypter, and i have the same problem with both, the buffer level goes up and down and my pc goes really slow and i am unable to do anything else whilst burning. I have even reinstalled windows xp but it started again after a few burns. I have checked in system properties and DMA is enabled. I have tried switching places with my second dvd/cd writer but without any
success!!. I have even checked to see if i had installed any new software which could slow the burning process, and I havent, apart from SDLcodec pack which i don’t think effects the burning process in any way.

If there is anybody who could help me rectify this problem, it would be most appreciated. Is there anything in the bious menu I could check?
Plz help!

Thanks in advance


For starter, try defragmenting your HD drive on a regular basis, and find out if you have any unknown programs running in the background whenever your computer is on. Also check the windows task manager (Alt - Ctrl - Del) which could tell you about your computer’s performance on the fly. Good luck.

Can you check in System -> Properties of the IDE channels if DMA is enabled. If not, activate them.

I have this same problem and have been searching for the solution for days. Any other suggestions would be helpful.

I’ve cleaned out all my temp files and defraged and disk clean up, cleared up my start menu, run ad and spy programs and anti-virus. I deleted other burning programs, checked the ide channels for dma, searched through my programs and see nothing unusual running, uninstalled and reinstalled nero 6. I am at a loss for what to do. ANy help would be appreciated.

im not sure if these are related but they might be

Just uninstall the IDE controller and reboot. That should re-set everything to DMA status and solve the problem.

Tnk you rdgrimes
that was really helpful (and easy)