Computer restarts right after dvd2one 1.4 starts!

I am having problem where right after dvd2one starts processing my computer suddenly restarts.

Win XP sp1
AThlon XP 1800
512 ram
geforce mx440 64 meg

Any Idea whats going on ?
I have done prolly 25 movies then this now happens everytime without fail.


If the PC is restarting, it sounds like one of two/three things things possibly.

  1. Bad memory stick

  2. PSU underpowered

  3. CPU Overheating

If you can borrow or steal a memory stick off a friend, try this first, or if you have 2 x 256mb sticks, try putting them in seperately and see if this helps.

Do you know the size of the PSU and how many devices have you got attached to the system (incl. USB)

Check your CPU temp and make sure the fan is running ok and/or try running with the case off (be careful).

DVD2one is very memory intensive, so I would check the ram out first.

After reading several forums, I uninstalled updated sound drivers, then reinstalled the original sound drivers. everything is working fine now.