Computer Restarts after loading Desktop (XP)



I’m having a problem with my computer, it keeps restarting after XP loads and my desktop comes up. I can boot in safe mode and everything works perfectly no restarts but if I boot normally then my computer restarts.

Any Ideas?


Can you give a little more information? Cpu (amd or intel) speed, ram, hard disk, power supply (if you know it). Have you changed anything recently? Added hardware or software? Post back. Did this problem just start?


intel cpu, 30GB HDD, 512MB ram, don’t know power supply. I don’t use the computer all that much just once in a while. It is an old gateway desktop that was purchased back in 2002 or 2003. No new programs except for microsoft updates. Problem just started today, have never had any other problems. Ran chkdsk and no errors came up also defragmented.


Besides no new programs what older programs on there did you updated or updated automatically? Also did you make sure to scan for malware or spyware? Or possibly have bad startup that is loading conflicting programs??


I disable automatic restart after failure and restarted windows. It loaded the desktop then a blue screen popped up with this error code:

0X0000008E (0XC0000005, 0X8057019E, 0XF387E99C, 0x0000000)

Anyway I can uninstall programs, it won’t let me in safe mode?


Can you give us a run down of what is all installed on your system? And what O/S your using? Cause just a computer restart can be a number of factors causing it to restart themselves or causing cascading errors for other programs resulting in restarts. Is your computer a home built or store computer???


Store Built!
Gateway build computer model# MFATXPNT MMZ 300S
Windows XP SP3
adobe reader
office 2007
Nero 9
epson printer software and drivers
mobilme control panel

Think thats about it.


When booting up press f8 and select previous settings that worked.
If that doesn’t work go to safe mode and select system restore and select a date when the system last run okay. Some times due to various problems windows goes through the motions and then says it couldn’t use the restore point but don’t despair there are a few more tricks in our arsenal that I have used to restore computers in the past. At this point you do not have to format the drive and reinstall windows.
Good luck!


marlleyb, the registry is screwed or damaged in some way, being able to boot into safe mode is an encouraging sign.
When did you last open the case and clean the fan and heat sink on the processor?


I will try the computer restore. I blow out my computers with compressed air every couple of months, the inside looks fairly clean theres a little dust but not 2 bad.


If after cleaning and still does the same results. I would call in the restore cd/dvd and reboot your computer to factory settings. But before doing this save all your precious files and data and music tracks then reboot. Since you bought the computer you should be able to make or should have the restore cd/dvd to reboot your computer. Going to safe mode is a good sign but in windows mode rebooting constantly is a sign that your registery can be bad or a needed win sys file is corrupted or written over leading to restarts. But since I am not sitting at the computer to see what it is actually doing it’s a shot in the dark for me.


Hello, I recently solved a “restart shortly after XP boot” problem

I pressed F8 while booting, went in “Safe Mode” . In “run” type “eventvwr.msc” (without quotes), then Enter.

in Event Viewer go to System and look for a red button with an X cross on it. This is a detail of a serious error,and make sure the hour is when the computer crashed/restarted .

Open this error log and please indicate its content. Or, just google about that specific error.

In my case was a processor “intelppm failed to load” error. I had to disable ,in registry, the start of this service “intelppm” . After this my computer works normally, doesn’t restart itself.

The [B]services[/B] in registry are normaly in [I]HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services[/I] find the faulty one ,and modify its Start Dword value with 4 to disable (3 to enable)

Good luck ! PcTechPetru:iagree: