Computer restarting

I have a problem with my computer reseting when I run certain applications, games that is. It only happens when I run Call of duty 2 and Serious Sam 2(demos). I can normally run other games(NBA Live 2005, Colin McRae 2005…) and programs (3D Mark 2003…). I can also watch films and work in Windows without any problems.
AMD Athlon XP3000+, Fsb 333
Albatron NForce2 based motherboard
ATI Radeon 9600XT
2X 256MB PC3200 DDR RAM
1X 512MB PC3200 DDR RAM
Mercury 400W power supply
80GB Samsung ATA133 HDD
Lite-On CD-RW drive
Lite-On DVD-RW drive
Windows XP Professional, SP2

THE PROBLEM:when running the mentioned two games the computer just restarts, and loads Windows normally, and then a serious error is reported, but besides that everything is OK. When I lower the graphics quality in Call of Duty 2 it seems to run fine, at least as far as I can tell; before that the computer usually restarted when the game was loading, but also during the play. The temparature seems to be fine(CPU45-55 degree, SYSTEM30-37 degrees) even when slightly overclocked, although the problem repeats when it is not; I also replaced RAM modules, but the problem repeated, so…! Could it be the garphics card or perhaps the power supply? Cause I sure hope it isnt the motherboard!
As far as I know there could be a problem with RAM, motherboard, graphics card or maybe with the power supply.
Does anyone perhaps know what could cause this problem, has had any similar problems, or knows which of the components is the most likely to be the culprit? Or perhaps some diagnostc tool or something like that?
Thank you! :confused:

Well, I’d have to say that the powersupply is a likely culprit, but it could be a lot of things. I’ve never heard of a mercury brand PSU, so I’d have to say it’s probably junk. If you have a multimeter, measure the 12v rail, and see if the voltage drops when it goes to restart. If it dips more than 5% the PSU is garbage. Also, disable the auto reboot crap, it’s under system properties, on the advanced tab, under startup and recovery. Uncheck the box that says automatically restart, and tell us what the BSOD message says. If it still restarts, it’s definetly the powersupply!

It could still be a lot of things, and if the voltage isn’t dropping, you have a lot of testing to do. You need to get memtest86, and run that from a bootable disk (they have both CD and floppy versions). If that comes up with 0 errors, move on to prime 95. If that comes up with 0 errors, it’s gotta be the PSU or video card if it’s a hardware issue. I’d suggest finding another hard drive just to test, and see if you get problems with another windows install. It could just be a bad driver, or something in your windows install is borked. :doh:

Check your event logs: Control Panel> Administrative Tools> Event Viewer. Check System and Applications. Look for Discrepencys post back your results. We can narrow down if its a System or Application error which again will narrow down if its Hardware or Software.

System properties - advanced - startup and recovery

De-select the option to restart. Now you will get a BSOD with an error message that may help. If you don’t, then it’s a hardware problem.

I am going with bad PSU, that has been the cause in all of my experiences. :iagree:

Definatley the power supply…buy a good one! spend over $50. Those cheap ones canthandle the load.

Might be RAM. Run Memtest. It’s free

Try taking the covers off of your pc case, clean out any dust, and try running the same games with more cooling going on. Then you will know for sure if it is your video card overheating, or your power supply. If it still does it with the sides off, I would bet on the power supply being the culprit.

Before you buy anything you might want to try driver/bios updates, fresh install? try disabling background programs, I once had an antivirus program that randomly reset the computer…