Computer restarting every so often

i hope this is the right forum for this,but any ways i have a problem with my computer restarting every so often i could be right in the middle of something and then boom there it goes restarting and when it comes back on windows says it just recovered from a serious error but when i go to see what it was its something different each time,should i just tottally reboot my comp or what should i do help me please :sad:

You could have any number of issues causing your problem. First try and think if you recently installed software that could be causing the problem. With as much spyware going around you could have an issue with that as well. You might even have an issue with your power supply that might be giving you problems. Without more information it is difficult to figure what exactly is causing the problem. I would start the computer in “safe mode” and see if you still have the problem. You can do this buy pressing the f8 key during start up, and after the start up menu appears, go down to the safe mode and choose this. If this helps your problem, it could be a software issue. Good Luck.

It sounds like a bad power supply. If you purchased the PC retail, it probably came with a cheapo generic underpowered unit that will never reach rated wattage. As you add pc powered devices, it overloads it and causes the pc to reboot.

I had this problem myself, and unless you have alot of added on devices, a good PSU (power supply unit) rated between 400-500 watts should work. I personally recommend Antec, but there are several other good PSU makers.

I agree with jhtalisman, it probably is the power supply. In any case, it can’t hurt to get a new one, and it might solve your problem. :iagree:

Here’s a good PSU that is reasonably priced antec smartpower 500 watt. Thinking about getting it myself for when I build my next PC.

Take pacmac’s advice as well - it could be software-related (even if you won’t be able to use all your programs and devices in Safe Mode). Think carefully about what you’ve changed (software or hardware) to the computer before the problem started (however insignificant it may seem) - 99 times out of 100 there’s your cause.

sometimes it cause by some spyware or virus that keep your machine rebooting you must first scan your pc with udated virus scan.sometimes software problem or driver problem that need to remove and install again .like pacman said try the safe mode f8 to check if is on the driver side and use it for a long hour if appear again.the mid option is to install the windows program.if occur again then the last one check the powersupply wattage if no enough to drive the whole machine if you have a lot of additional part attach to the system.need more wattage

i have a question coz i dont know how to post a question here for i decided here. i have a bootable cd norton ghost2002 that work .and i have a dual boot windows xp and windows 98.i try to edit the boot ini files .i duplicate the 98 boot so it 3 boots in menu.i plan to changes it with windows restore. but i dont know how to path the another boot to norton ghost2002 so that when i press the 3rd option it will run the windows restore with norton ghost.that run in dos mode.

If i copy the norton ghost cd into drive c: i dont know if possible to path it to boot in norton ghost dos mode.the triple boot is windows xp,windows 98,windows restore,
i just want to restore my xp windows ,so when i press the windows restore it will boot in dos with norton ghost backup and restore process.hope someone help me ?

It could be one of the above two, Power Supply or Virus/Spyware but also another possible problem could be is your CPU overheating.

Do you a CPU temp monitor? If not try speedfan

yeah ryt i agree cpu over heat ,i incounter it too, in some client problem, cpu heatsink is not properly tight coz the p4 plastic bracket is broken.