Computer restart

hi, i have my digital camera hooked up to my computer, whenever i turn the power on on my digital camera to try and upload pics the computer restarts

Have you tried different usb ports on the computer? What make and model camera are you using, and what operating system?

You might want to consider getting a card reader for your computer. I use one similar to this portable card reader:

And they make more stationary ones to fit on the desk or in the computer.

my camera is a fujifilm A820, i am running windows xp, i have tried it in other ports

This seems to me there’s some blue screen or secrity error regarding the driver.

I’d like to suggest first updating the operating system.
Go to internet explorer, click on extra, click on windows update and follow the instructions. Do this a couple of times to make sure you have each and every important and necessary update installed.

After restarting your computer (rebooting) try to disconnect all other usb devices where possible and then insert the original usb cable that came with the camera. Then try the camera. If it still restarts the computer i suggest contacting the fuji website to check if there are new drivers for your camera.