Computer resets when burning on 24 speed

Ik have a weird problem with my plex241040A firmware 1.04,

my computer resets, when my plex starts burning on 24 speed, when i turn the burning speed down to 20 it burns smoothly.
Does anyone knows what the problem could be, it’s an irritating problem

It all started when I had a doggy PSU, I changed the PSU for a 550 watts PSU.


AMD 2100 (not overclocked)
MSI KT400Ultra
512 MB memory
IDE 0 : 80 gig HD, Plex 241040 fw. 1.04
IDE 1 : 40 gig HD, Liteon DVD LTD 163 fw. GH4S

I hope, I gave enough info to determine the problem

thanks in advance for the help you give

Yeah a 550w PSU but what kind of PSU? The amount of watts don’t always indicate how powerful the PSU really is. I have about the same hardware as you (XP2100, 512MB, GigaByte KT400, GeForce 3, 40GB hdd, 4 optical drives) using an Enermax 350w PSU. My system is very stable (coincidentally I did have a spontaneous reboot yesterday though… ;)).

It’s a Q-Tec PSU

Maybe the joke is one me :slight_smile:

I have the same Q-TEC 550 PSu with 2 hardrives, DVD, CD-RW
MSI KT3 ULTRA 2, XP 2000, + several case fans.
And the system is rock stable, i dont think your prob has anything to do with the PSU.

Overheating perhaps…

The System on it’s self is stable, even when burning on low speed, but the problem occurs when I burn on 24 speed, even when I burn indirectly to cd

Sounds like you are running XP? if you are then right click My computer then select properties…then select the Advanced tab then settings under ‘Startup and Recovery’. Now uncheck the box for Automatically restart under System Failure…

Now instread of rebooting you should get a blue screen instead and if you are lucky it may give you some info…

You can also check your ASPI layer…


My money is on the PSU… get an enermax… the best you can buy… as the drive is shifting up speed it takes more power…

If it doesn;t work I’ll give you your money back…:stuck_out_tongue:

I think the problem is solved,

I had dvdatonce installed, it installs it a diffrent aspi driver, I deleted it and replaced it for a adaptec aspi driver 4.71.2 and the problem with my Plex are gone, the only problem I have now is that my liteon DVD refuses to read some copied disks:confused:

Thanks for all the advice and helm

Practical Joke: try forceAspi

About the Q-Tec PSU: these can be really good, but they can be as bad as well… they seen to have different factory (or lines) so the quality of their products tend to vary a lot.

Enermax is indeed one of the better PSU-producers. Another great PSUs are (among others) Zalman, Antec and TSP.

I don’t see how a wrong ASPI layer could cause the computer to reboot when writing at higher speeds. An ASPI layer is used to communicate with your optical drives and it’s used to identify them. It shouldn’t have an effect on the burning process, especially since programs such as Nero Burning Rom use their own ASPI driver (wnaspi32.dll).