Computer reorganization


recently I bought an external HDD with eSata connection. My motherboard has a built-in Promise PDC 20579 controller which supports hotplugging (I have already a Sata HDD attached externally :slight_smile: ). The task is to additionally connect this drive to my computer (I have the needed adapters and cables), but there are some restrictions which require some reorganization.

At the moment, I have this controller/drive combination:
VIA Sata 1: WD HDD (System drive)
VIA Sata 2: empty
VIA Pata 1 Master: Samsung HDD (second system drive in CS configuration)
VIA Pata 1 Slave: empty
VIA Pata 2 Master: LG GSA-4163B
VIA Pata 2 Slave: Benq DW 1650
Promise IDE Master: LG GH22LP20
Promise IDE Slave: empty
Promise Sata 1: external HDD
Promise Sata 2: TSST SH-S203B

Using the VIA Sata for the external HDD is out of discussion due to its limited compatibility, so I need to free up the second Sata port of the Promise controller. This would mean, I need to reconfigure my ODD setup.
Another restriction is valid for the GH22LP: That beast doesnโ€™t work properly with the Via controller, so it has to be installed at the Promise (or needs to be retired).

Parts I have lying around: A SiI 3512 PCI Sata Controller card (non-Raid Bios) and a Pioneer DVR-112D@L which had previously been installed in an external enclosure whose PSU died :frowning:

Options I am thinking of:

[li]Simply installing the SiI controller and connect the 203B there.
[li]Retiring the 203B and connecting the Pioneer as slave to the GH22LP (or Pioneer as master and LG as slave)
Other ideas or suggestions?

Thanks, Michael