Computer recognizes DVD burner as a CD Burner

My computer has problems burning DVD’s and normal CD’s. It can only burn DVD+RW (Only tried Sony), but anything else fails (Tried about 6 different media types for DVD-R and CD-R). Fails as in lots of the data is corrupt. I’ve been trying to figure this out for about a month now, and no one has helped me yet (on any forum).

Here are 2 pictures that can sort-of sum up my problem.
The DVD in is a blank DVD-R (4.7 Gig). I tihnk it recognizes it as an overburnt CD…
My device manager refers to my NEC ND-2500A as a “CD-ROM”

According to my computer, my NEC ND-2500A (Firmware 1.07) is a CD-ROM, not a DVD-ROM. Is there any way I can fix this? It’s the only thing I can still think of that might be causing my problems.

My BIOS is dated 2001, so I’m not sure if it supports DVD-Drives or not. I’m also not sure if I hooked up the DVD Writer properly. It reads everything fine, and burns my Sony DVD+RW’s fine though.

I’m currently fiddling with how I installed it, and if all else fails, I’m going to upgrade my BIOS (although I really don’t want to, it’s a VERY last resort).

So, can anyone suggest how I can fix this problem?

Thanks in advance.

Alright, I lied. I guess the CD I was trying to burn (ccd file) just doesn’t like burning properly. If I mount it as an image it works fine. It failed 3 times, but any other CD burns fine. But still, my DVD-R’s won’t burn properly, and my computer still recognizes my DVD-Writer as a CD-Writer. Also, another bit of info: When I put in a blank CD, My Computer looks normal (648 MB Free, 648 MB Total), yet when I stick in a DVD+RW or a DVD-R, it says that they too are (648 MB Free, 648 MB Total). After my DVD-R (Of any media type) are burnt, about 1/4 to 1/8 of the data is corrupt. Lastly, whether corrupt DVD-R or perfect DVD+RW, once burnt it says that they are 1.99 Gig CD’s.

Thats a Windows XP thing… not the burner…

Oh, I forgot to mention I have Windows 98.

ok, you got my curiousity…

went downstairs to my Win 98 box. It says cd-rom with no media. It shows cd-rom with 648 meg with a blank dvd media. and it still shows cd-rom with a dvd movie in it with 4.5 gig.

its a windows thing… not a burner…

btw, this was using a NEC 3500

Hmm, thanks for the info.

Now I’m completely stumped. I have no idea how to fix my DVD Burner at all.

It’s weird how it can burn anything properly but DVD-R’s, which are basically the only thing I need to burn. =p

With Booktype Setting Software for the NEC 2500 making DVD+R’s to DVD-ROM settings, DVD-R’s are unnecessary IMO.

If you have DVD Devryptor [and you should] it would tell you the rated media speed and what speed the NEC 2500 will write them at.

Another program you may want to try is Nero CD-Speed as it can write and test the media and provide some usefull info.

Well, I got DVD Decryptor but I can’t find out how to get my rated media speed…

Actually I meant to say DVD Identifier…

with dvd decryptor, MODE > ISO > WRITE, right window will show ‘supported write speeds’ with blank media.

Using DVD Identifier the upper window will show the rated media speeds and the tabbed window ‘drive capabilities’ will show what speeds the firmware can use.

I hate to thread hijack but I am having the same problem with any dvd burner i plug in. I just bought a new sony external because i thought my lite-on was messed up. I have windows XP. Can anyone tell me how to get my burner working again? I used to not have a problem. I don’t know what changed.

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