Computer Reboots Itself!



I have a brand new computer, a week old. I have Nero 6 Ultra with the latest updates. I’m pretty sure I have the latest version of AnyDVD since I downloaded the trial version last night.

I burned my first movie (Saw) last night using Recode 2 and AnyDVD. Everything went fine. I went to burn the same movie again, I added two extras to it (only difference between first burn and second try), it started encoding to about 15% or 20%, then my computer reboots itself. I tried everything one more time and it rebooted again.

The only thing I did tonight was download Ad-aware and AnyDVD. Do you think one of these programs made the system reboot in the middle of the burn or is something else wrong? I ran my anti-virus and nothing came up.

Thanks for the help!


Ok, I’ve been searching the archives all day and found there were alot of other people with this problem. They seemed to have solved their problem by installing IAAR drivers for their SATA Raid configurations. The difference between their setup and mine is they all have SATA Raid and I have IDE Raid. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this problem?



Rebooting is usually a bluescreen, but it’s switched to reboot on errors. Try removing one programme at a time and see what happens. Ad Aware can cause some strange things to happen on occasions, it can be a female dog to install. try Spysweeper, that is really easy to use and works great.




So I should remove ad-aware and the feature that windows reboots when an error occurs? What do you mean one program at a time? Spysweeper is better than ad-aware?



kmb997, try removing Ad Aware first, then see what happens. If that doesn’t do it try removing, hang on, you said you burned the disc the first time with Recode 2 and AnyDVD. Then you downloaded Ad Aware and Any DVD? Was that an update? I also found Nero doesn’t always mix with other things sometimes. I think it’s just a case of removing programmes until you find the one that is causing the problem. I have never known Any DVD to cause rebooting, not on it’s own. Doubling up on programmes like Any DVD and trying to run them together might cause problems.

Is the machine working OK otherwise? Does anything else make it reboot.

Both Ad Aware and Spysweeper work, but Spysweeper is easier to install and use.


I updated to the latest bios, used Nero’s general clean tool to remove nero, and removed ad-aware. I reinstalled nero and successfully burned Menace to Society. I tried to burn the Notebook and it said burn failed. I rebooted and tried the Notebook again and the computer is back to rebooting itself again. I then tried to burn the Notebook with CloneDVD, which has never had any problems before and the computer rebooted itself. Today, I tried another movie and it rebooted again. I used Asus’ AI Booster utility to watch my system’s numbers while the movie was burning, and the hyperthreading jumped from 4% to 99% right before it rebooted, my 12v line was around 11.5, and my temp. was above 65C. Could it be that my power supply is crappy and causing the reboot or maybe my system temp? Does anyone know anything about this?



i had this problem and it was a faulty strip of ram try removing a strip of ram in turn and see if it stops rebooting


I didn’t remove any strips of ram, but I ran memtest for 4 hours last night. I didn’t have any errors.

After memtest, I shut the system down and booted back up. I opened Recode and successfully burned a movie. The difference between this movie and the last is that the movie I burned after memtest wasn’t copyright protected, so I didn’t run AnyDVD in the background. Is it possible that AnyDVD is conflicting and causing these problems with Recode?

I guess it could also be my temps. because while burning last night, mobo. temp. was 29C and CPU temp. was 50C compared to 65C the night before?



kmb997, something somewhere is pulling the stuffing out of your rig, from 50c to 65c? Although 65c isn’t that hot, it could mean your CPU is running flat out for some reason some times. If my AMD 3200+ ever went over 47c, the HSF fan must be bust. This rig runs a background programme called folding so the CPU is at 100% at all times. If I turn it off the temp is around 40c.

As myke said, I also had some faulty ram that showed no faults on mem test, but did cause bluescreening sometimes. I replaced it and never had the problem again. I still think you have a machine/hardware problem going on there somewhere, the trick is finding it!


I was having this problem until I blew the dust off the cpu fan and out of the power supply. I think it was rebooting because it was overheating.


Okay, friday night I turned my computer on, opened AnyDVD, opened Nero Recode 2, and successfully burned Paparazzi. I don’t know what I did differently, but it has worked two times now?


I have this problem.
I removed all the roxio drivers, just in case those were the problem (removed them from the upper filter / lower filter. I have anydvd

This problem happened before and only happens with one specific drive. So I wonder if it’s a conflict between the drive and anydvd?

I have an LG GSA-4166b drive - lightscribe + dual layer + dvdram

When I put a dvd in that drive (pressed dvd) it reboots my PC.

I can burn with the drive, and I can put game CDs and music CDs in there all day long. But I pop a copy of harry potter in it (or any other purchased DVD) and the computer will reboot within 2 minutes.

Any thoughts?


@ kmb997,

Perchance the below Forum posting might prove to be helpful to you.

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Try running AnyDVD in Safe Mode.


11.5/12 = 96% (probably within reason for many p/s companies)

However, an overall system temp. of 65C (you don’t specify if 65C is your system temp, your cpu temp, or something else . . .) is smoking hot in my opinion (you really should be posting full system specs; if that’s your cpu temperature, no one can really guage if that’s too hot without knowing what your cpu is; that said, 65C for a cpu temp seems pretty warmish to me, regardless), and I suggest the heating issue is causing your system to crash. The issue could still be your power supply (Enermax and Antec are respected brands; don’t go with generic junk). Or it’s also possible your system case doesn’t offer proper cooling/ventilation (or your cpu may be overheating). Thick wires or cables, draping all over the place inside your case can block airflow from your fans. Fans are very important (ensure airflow is getting everywhere it should be–and, again, ensure its not being blocked by wires and cables). Could be any combination here. But yes, I suggest heat is an issue here.

Try playing a system hog of a game for awhile while monitoring your temperatures (while playing for about an hour). One suggestion might be F.E.A.R.:

Or better yet, run a Prime95 torture test (Prime is freeware; google it) while monitoring your temps (for about a day, at least, I would say . . . get your system burned in). No system is stable until it’s Prime stable.

Okay, friday night I turned my computer on, opened AnyDVD, opened Nero Recode 2, and successfully burned Paparazzi. I don’t know what I did differently, but it has worked two times now?

If using Recode is the first thing you did after turning on your system, then chances are your overall system temp. didn’t have enough time to heat up so that it could bake bread on top of it, which might be one reason you were able to use Recode without issue (you didn’t give your system a chance to reach crazy high temps before burning). Play F.E.A.R. for about an hour (if you can; I bet you reboot before an hour is up), then check your temps; and try burning then.

By the way, I take no responsibility if you follow my suggestions and literally fry your system (what I am suggesting is going to generate heat–and heat can wreck motherboards, cpus, memory, soundcards, and graphic cards . . . ). If you just bought your computer though, nothing I’m suggesting (with the possible exception of opening your computer case–in which case, never buy from that computer store again) is going to void warranties.


kmb997, please post

  1. full system specs,
  2. OS version (ex. Windows xp pro sp2), and
  3. installed software (directx info may help here as well; “start”, “run”, “dxdiag”)

Have you tried playing any games on your system (something that’s system intensive like F.E.A.R.?)? Did your system ever reboot?

Are there any other situations that you’ve encountered where your system reboots?

Does your system only reboot when using Recode to burn?


Find the file named “MBM5HU” it’s the heat up utility from mother board monitor. It will make your cpu run at 100%. Watch your temps as it works. If it reboots you got a heat problem. 65C is way to hot. The program does not install anything. It runs on it’s own like CD-Speed. Self contained. Ripping and burning are very data intense and make your computer run full out and generate alot of heat along the way.


@ kmb997

Everything in your posts suggests you are experiencing CPU thermal issues. 65C is indeed quite warm for Prescott processors, most socket 775 HT CPU’s have a thermal ceiling rating of 67C. Usually the processor ‘throttles’ or reduces it’s clock speed to prevent damage. That your system reboots before this occurs is very telling.

I would suggest that you remove the heatsink assembly from your computer and clean off any excess thermal paste. Also clean off any thermal paste from the heatsink assembly and apply a fresh coating. Very thin coating is all that’s necessary. More is [B]not[/B] better and will in fact do more harm than good. Replace the heatsink assembly and monitor your system.

As a point of reference for you, my Shuttle system has a P4 3.4 that I have overclocked to 3.72 and it idles at 43C. Under 100% CPU load, it never rises past 55C. My little box is not considered a ‘cooling champ’ and in fact retains a fair amount of heat.

Hope that helps and good luck on getting your new box running well.


@ kmb997,

You state you have a new computer. Unfortunately some new computers only have one case-cooling fan. Ideally a computer correctly designed should have an intake-cooling fan located in the front of the case and an exit-cooling fan located in the rear of the case to provide correct sufficient cooling air flow ventilation. The power supply cooling fan located in the rear area of the computer case does not qualify as rear exit cooling fan. If your case doesn’t have a separate intake and a separate exit cooling fans you should demand to have them installed. These intake and exit cooling fans are in addition to the separate CPU cooling fan and the separate power supply cooling fan. These cooling fans are not that expensive (10 bucks apiece) but are mandatory for an efficient operating computer.

If in fact you have a computer that is only one week old most certainly it is under some type of warranty. A one-week-old new computer should not be having any over-heating problems. You should be returning this computer and demand that they correct the overheating problem before some very expensive hardware components are permanently damaged.

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