Computer Reboots/Behaves Strange

I have the following problem: my computer sometimes happens randomely,it can work for days,and it cab reboot twice a day.Also when i watch divx movies/hear mp3’s i see/hear the picture/sound “jump” for a half a second.
what is the problem???
I use the latest chipset driver,my windows is updated,so are all the drivers and the bios.
specs:AthlonXP 1600+,asus a7v266 mobo,audigyDE,asus v-700pro video card (geforce2pro).

most common issues causing reboots are:

  1. heat, either CPU temps or other.
  2. bad RAM
  3. bad or inadequate power supply

If so,why it happens so randomly?I can run 3dmark,sandra for hours,but when i browse the net,my system can suddenly reboot…

when i browse the net,my system can suddenly reboot…

If this is the case, then it’s not random. Assuming you have XP or win2K, go to system properties, advanced tab, startup and recover button, remove the option to automatically reboot. now you will get a blue screen when it crashes instead of a reboot. you should also be looking the the event viewer and Dr Watson for error messages.

ok,I’ll try that,and keep you informed of the progress…

I have the same problem, i would be playing Diablo 2 for hours or Divx encoding and as soon as i go online; my system would reboot. I am running Win Me.
AMD XP 1800, 128 DDR 2100 RAM
ECS K7S5A board. I am aware that this board has PSU issues and will fix the issue shortly.

I had the same problem for a while I tried lots of things but nothing helped. Until one day when I got very angry with the stupid personal firewall I had so I uninstalled it my av program that was integrated with the firewall was also uninstalled so I installed sygates free firewall and F-secure antivirus and It haven’t reeboted since (That’s about 2 months). I did some searching and found out that this AV program called Norman antivirus caused a lot of different problems for people. So if you have that av prog try something else and see if it helps.

Tnx,but i use Symantec Internet security.
The rebooting did stop,after i installed 512 mb of ram!!