Computer reads burned CD intermittently

One time my burned CDs work great in my computer and the next time the computer doesn’t recognize them at all. Is this a hardware problem, you think? Or something wrong with the CDs I burned? (Data CDs burned on a Win XP machine, trying to read on a Win 98 machine… I know, but I can’t replace it yet!)

Any help?

Indeed, that could be the problem.
W9x requires ISO9660 Filesystem without extra drivers/software.

Could also be poor burns because of cheap CDR media or too fast burning speed. :slight_smile:

Thanks! I’ll try to burn them slower. Can’t do anything about the Win 98 right now. :slight_smile:


First what is your burner model and firmware? And what software did you use to create the Cd? Also remember speed kills…What media type you use also affects burn and reads.