Computer randomly restarts

I just installed my new LXR-24101A (external CDRW). It works just fine, but my system seems to randomly restart when I use it. I could just be preparing to burn something in nero and bam the computer restarts. It has also happened when I was exploring a CDs contents. Any help would be great! Thanks.


Maybe your powersupply is little bit to small ?
What hardware configuration and what powersupply do you have ?

cya Jan

Yes that’s my thought as well, maybe a bit to small or low quality powersupply in the computer.

Either that or bad usb drivers. In win XP there is several usb fixes/drivers.

You didn’t tell which os and such…

Oh is missed the fact that it is an external drive, i don’t think that it draws its supply only from usb, does it ?

If you have XP/2k, then check event log, because MS reboots on BSOD.

If not, then I agree with the others, PSU is too weak…

True, it’s an external drive but the USB interface also uses some power…

300 watt PSU
1.4ghz AMD
1 harddrive
geforce 2 mx 400
Linksys 10/100 network card
3 case fans and 1 fan on CPU
Sound blaster Live PCI
Keyboard, Mouse

Using windows 2000 pro.

Thats all the hardware that uses the PSUs power. Everything else uses external power including the external CDRW. I don’t think I am overloading the PSU. I may change it to a 400 or 450 watt anyway. Thanks.