Computer Power Issues

My father’s given me a desktop computer to reformat. Every time I press the power button, the computer flips off after a split second. In order to turn it back on, I need to flip the main power switch in the back and wait for the light on the motherboard to go off. I then switch the main button in the back and then the front power button on, but the same thing happens. On a few rare occasions (maybe two or three times) the computer actually stays on. I don’t believe that this issue is coming from the motherboard because as long as the computer’s plugged in, there’s a green light that stays on. My father says that he never heard of this computer doing this before (but he has a large office where several employees get their own computers to work on), so this very well may have been happening for a long time. Can anyone offer any help? It would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

By the way, I know absolutely NOTHING about hardware, so let’s try and keep things simple. :wink:

A possible cause is a failing PSU. Do you have a spare PSU that you know for sure is not damaged to test the mainboard? If the PC still has the same problem, then the PSU is not the cause, but you need to explore all other components in the computer.

A possible candidate (once you can exclude the PSU) is indeed a damaged mainboard.

Thanks for the help. I was thinking it might be the PSU. I’ve got another really similar computer at home. I’ll try using the PSU from that one some time in the next few days. As for the motherboard, I don’t think it’s worth the money. This computer’s already 4-5 years old and is a celeron.


you may also have a look at the capacitors: