Computer only reads DVD-R



I ran a search several ways but could not locate solution.

My computer has no problems reading DVD-r/rw but will not recognize +r/rw.

I thought computers READ both. Please advise.

I recorded a home movie to DVD+R on a stand-alone unit. It works on other DVD devices but will not read on any of my computers.

Computer is HP pavilion xf145, drive is Matshita UJDA710. It suppose to write CD’s and read DVD’s. Having said this the System also identifies AXV CD/DVD-Rom SCSI CDROM Device. Perhaps this is why it only sees -r’s?

Oh, be nice please.


Perhaps the drive does not work with DVD+R. Try quality Made in Japan media.


Did you check with the support for the computer? When I got my notebook they indicated that they recommended DVD R+ and the brands, Sony, Maxell and TDK; actually I haven’t tried a burned DVD R- as my external burner supports DVD R+ and the same brands of disks that I mentioned earlier.

if you can it would be good to contact the support people.

just an idea, as that is what i did. if that fails phone a warranty depot and speak to a tech there as they should be able to help.

i have done this myself before and solved the answer to my question.

Good Luck!



Just look at the specifications of your drive, it only read DVD-ROM.
And do some research on your own before you post !!!.


* 8X DVD-ROM Data Transfer
* 24X CD-ROM Data Transfer
* 8X CD-RW Data Transfer
* CD-R, CD-RW Compatible
* IDE (ATAPI) DVD/CDRW Combo Drive
* 128KB Buffer