Computer Not Shutting down!

Hi, I am having a problem with my computer in that when it turns on, there is a black screen nothing on it, and my dvd drive is on but you can’t open it, and when I want to restart or turn it off using the case button, it won’t, so i have to unplug the power to turn it off. I had something like this happen to me before and it turned out to be the power button of the case, but now I am wondering if I might have a problem with my hard drive or something else. Anyone out there have any suggestions, I have a MSI NeO 2 865PE/G motherboard.


“a problem with my computer in that when it turns on, there is a black screen nothing on it”

so is the problem shutting down or booting up? :confused:

As a starting point, I would investigate the PSU.

No error-beepcodes?

PSU seems to be the culprint.

Did you install hardware recently?
If so, remove it! Mine did the same thing with my 109 when I first installed it incorrectly.

Well it doesn’t even boot up, no beep sound, nothing just a black screen, and when I want to shut it down using the power switch, it won’t shut down, have to unplug the power cord. Also I swapped harddrive from the computer that is giving me problems and to the one I use and is good so far, and shouldn’t you have no problems what so ever when turning it on, shouldn’t the harddrive work etc.?


if u dont get “Beep” there are options of broken:

  • Power Suply
  • mainboard
  • CPU

but tell me … u said it wont beep and next u can turn it off … if it wont beep it cant be turned off because it’s off … OR MAYBE U DONT HAVE BEEPER CONNECTED ??

There is no beep, when I press the power button, turns on, but I can’t turn it off, have to unplug the cord.

I recently had a similar problem with one of my optical dirves failing. Try unplugging your optical drives. The pc would take forever to startup and turned out that my LG combo drive layed an egg.

so u dont have beeper connected … btw how u turning off PC … do u press power buton 5s ? … power buton should be oK…

if unplug the card helps … tray to change it whit other and see what’s happening :slight_smile:

reformat your bad HD as a slave and see if it can be saved!

The board is failing to POST, which pretty much eliminates any HD or optical drive issues. For trouble shooting purposes, remove ALL drives including the floppy, the board should still be able to POST with no drives attached.
A bad video card is possible, bad PSU and dead motherboard, and that’s about it. Resetting CMOS would also be a good step, consult the board’s maker on how to do that.

Sorry I misread your post! The HD is oK! Oh Well! Sounds like a board issue/not good!

rdgrimes is correct as usual. I can’t read!