Computer not seeing info on disk

Can anyone out there help me , i bought a CD of Alligator Records
30th Anniversary Collection there are two disks now Disk two has a video on it which my computer see’s but the 13 tracks it does not , now when i put it in my regular player downstairs that machine sees it but when i try to play it in my computer when i am surfing the net i can’t. So if anyone can tell me why this is and how i can fix it i would be great full cause i would like to listen to it well i am on the net.

Have you checked to see if there is a player on the CD?
I have 1 CD where I can not play all tracks when I use Mediaplayer or WinAmp, but when I use the player that is in the data track of the CD it plays all tracks in the same way as any normal CD Player in a (car) stereo.