Computer not recognising monitor resolution

I bought a 2nd hand flatscreen monitor a couple of months ago and realized yesterday that it has to be not synched up right. The computer opened a dialogue box yesterday saying it needed a screen resolution of 1024 x 768 which this is surely capable of.
What prompted this dialogue box was my trying to install the program for a new camera I’d been bought.
Looking at the display options I have I can’t move the slider above 600 x 800, attempting to move the display slider has no result, it just sticks there and won’t budge.
I have a graphics card which according to my display/system readout is a Cirrus Logic 5430/5440 Compatible graphics adapter which I think I must have bought while I was still running a CRT type monitor.

I’m on an HP tower computer which I think is a 1600.

Also while looking at the display configuration as well as the device manager I discovered that the computer only recognises the monitor as a ‘default monitor’ with no further detail. I’m assuming that if I could overcome that I could get it to recognise that the monitor has greater capacity for resolution. I can’t currently see the model number beyond it being a Dell.

Is there a simple way to improve the resolution recognition. Or am I looking at buying a new graphics card or what?

Normally you’d look for a newer driver for this graphics card. But this is an ancient one, and you might not even find a driver that works in XP, much less any other, more modern system.

Cirrus Logic does not provide drivers for video. They say you must contact the manufacturer of the card. If you look on the card itself, you should be able to see who made it.

You will be better off investing in a new video card. How old is this computer? Do you know if it takes an AGP video card or is it new enough to have a PCI-e slot? There are even a few legacy pci cards available for very old computers.

Give us the exact make and model of the computer, and we might be able to help if you tell us the make and model of your present video card.

Looks like that’s an old P2 or P3 board and system, might be flogging a dead horse there. Probably has an integrated graphics chip. Looks like only ISA and PCI slots.

I have the details on the motherboard which I had to replace within about a year of buying the computer
HP Compaq DC7600 Socket 775 Motherboard 375376-001
is what the designation was on the ebay sale as it was sent to me.

I don’t think I can find a way to see what the card is short of taking the computer apart and I’m not about to do that right now, got an early start in th emoring. That Cirrus Logic 5430/5440 Compatible graphics adapter was I thought some pointer to what it is. Is it just a more common driver?

sorry, just seeing typo on ‘the morning’ in above message, hope that was understood though

Should I be able to see what that card is through checking device manager though?

I noticed while looking through the device manager yesterday that it had something listed as a PCI bus, does that equate to a PCI port?

If I was being asked if I had a separate video card as well as the graphics card, I don’t as far as I know. I have been able to watch some videofiles as well as internet video through the computer but I thought that was standard. Haven’t ever really played games or anything through the thing but would like to be able to use photoshop and other visual stuff through it.
Have just been wondering what I should try to get in a graphics card that would fit this motherboard. If this does mean me needing to get a new one.

I ran Belarc advisor through the computer earlier at somebody at the course I’m on’s suggestion and it still only showed the Cirrus Logic Adapter and the monitor listed as ‘default monitor’. Taking the computer apart to look at what the graphics card is going to have to wait it’s difficult to get out clearly, has some stuff piled around it.

A little bit of Googling for your motherboard specifications shows that it is a socket 775 with a 16x pci-e slot available for a video card. Right now you are using the onboard graphics.

Still looking things up, will be back

Take a look at this page and and use the Intel driver update utility and see if you can get better drivers for this motherboard:

Thanks, but unfortunately I got this response from running that

Product Detected Cirrus Logic 5430/5440 Compatible Graphics Adapter
Current Driver Installed 5.1.2535.0
This device is unknown or unsupported. Please contact the manufacturer for possible updates. More information>>

So I guess i’ll have to take the computer apart anyway, & check what it says on the motherboard. I assume it is a HP compaq one though, since I thought i had to use the same model as I bought in the computer. Might have been easier if I’d just got something that fit the frame 3 years back. but otherwise it seems to be working ok.

Hmm, well maybe you do have a graphics card stuck in there. If it is the motherboard you specified in post #4, then I would have thought you’d have an Intel graphics adapter integrated into the motherboard. Maybe HP has done something strange in their version of this Intel chipset?

just found this and am wondering if it would be any help.
Just occurs to me that if I have an uninstalled monitor and it is the only way I have of seeing what’s happening on my computer, will I be able to see to make the next step. Uninstalling doesn’t turn the device being used off does it?
I’m currently not at home so haven’t tried doing this. Just had the immediate reaction that I might be left without the thing usable if I did it. Or would itinstall on being connected anyway. Seems I need to be able to see through the thing to reconnect it anyway, maybe I’m overthinking that.

That’s an articlwe on how to reinstall a monitor so that the correct drivers kick in if you can’t see the title btw. To do so you uninstall the monitor throough the computer

I’ve now tried the above only to have it return as a default monitor. Thought that might at least work.

So I now have the monitor recognised as what it is supposed to be a Dell E176FPf but display still won’t allow me to scroll the slider from 600 x 800. I thought it might do when it recognised/detected that the monitor was capable of handling greater resolution.
Would you reccommend getting a new or 2nd hand graphics card, and if so which?
Or is it a case of needing to tweak BIOS or something?

If all you are trying to do is get the correct resolution, any low priced new card will do. Just inspect the motherboard and make certain that you have a 16x pci-e slot. I think you do.

I still think you don’t have the proper drivers for your current graphics adapter.

Have you opened up the case to see if you have a separate video card yet?

Not yet but it’s now the weekend so I should have more time to work around the thing. So I probably will do over the next couple of days.


[QUOTE=stevolende;2664726]I have the details on the motherboard which I had to replace within about a year of buying the computer
HP Compaq DC7600 Socket 775 Motherboard 375376-001
is what the designation was on the ebay sale as it was sent to me.[/QUOTE]Have you verified that you really got what is listed?
You can find the specs here: (HP Website)

I find it really strange, that such a system with at least integrated Intel VGA controller would come with some apparently ancient Cirrus Logic stuff.

I guess, this is a PCI VGA controller possibly installed by the previous owner? If so, get rid of it. Either there is integrated VGA (Intel 950), or you can install an inexpensive Nvidia or AMD (ATI) based VGA card with PCI Express interface. This depends on your exact model, the ultra slim systems do not offer a PCI-E interface, the SFF variants only alow low profile add-on cards.
(Read the specs carefully!)


I have a graphics card that says Artron on the plastic near the monitor jack. Have just been trying to find out more about it. Only just opened the computer to see what’s there. So yes there is a graphics card, I thought there was from the location of the jack in the extension slots area looks like I also have a PCi E16 slot.

Spent a while trying to find drivers for the Cirrus Logic 5430/5440 Compatible Graphics Adapter only to find myself continually being offered different driver detectors - detective etc etc. Couldn’t seem to find an actual driver.

I think I might have just looked at the wrong card, doh. Is that an audio 1? I have 2 cards, audio and graphic, may have just looked at the audio thinking it was graphic, should have noted both numbers when i had the thing opened, will reopen once I’ve eaten.