Computer no longer reads burned CD-Rs

Hi all,

I am running Easy CD creator Basic, which came preinstalled on my Dell Inspiron 600m two years ago. My CD burner is a Samsung CDRW/DVD SN-324B. Operating system is XP SP2

I recently re-installed Windows on my machine, and now my computer does not recognize any data that I had previously burned onto CD-R discs. When I insert a burned data/music CD-R, my machine thinks it is a blank CD - no files appear in the CD directory

Here is what I did:

  1. Install Windows XP
  2. Install SP1 and SP2
  3. Install Roxio Easy CD Creator (v. from disc that came with my computer when I purchased it.
  4. Installed firmware upgrade (v. from Roxio web site.

My CD drive does read manufactured discs, both data and music. However, it will not read burned CD-R discs, most of which were burned using the same hardware and software configuration that is now not working (i.e. same burner, software, operating system). Curiously, it does recognize DirectCD discs that I burned prior to reinstalling Windows.

In order to try to isolate the problem, I tried to burn a new disc. This worked just fine, and after the disc was finished, the burned data files did show up in my CD directory. HOWEVER, when I ejected the disc and then reinserted it back into the CD drive, the files no longer appeared!

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions for this? Your help would be much appreciated!