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I know many of us work In IT so I would like to know what Is the worst infection you have seen?
I have seen about 200 spyware and keylogers on one computer and it takes 4 hours to get rid of spyware,because computer Is unusable takes forever to get something done. You buy computer to use it not to trash it :a

I never buy something I have little or no Interest In. A lot of older people buy top of the line computers and don’t know how to use em :doh:

It would be nice to have PS2,but I have no real need for it so why would I buy one,because everyone has one?


moved to the Living Room since its not DC related :wink:

its funny that you mention this, I just finished removing about 150 pieces of spyware/addware/etc. from my friends mom’s PC. she runs norton every week too :rolleyes:

avast + adaware + spybot S&D + regscrubxp FTW :smiley:


I don’t even want to know what Norton Is :Z


The worst I ever saw personally was my nephew’s computer which had about 1500 viruses, spyware programs and adware on it. I’ve heard of much worse in similar discussions to this one.


norton is a $50/year resource hog that is, at best, a mediocre virus scanner that gets pwned by free software :bigsmile: :Z


Eloquently put :bigsmile:

Edit: and my upstairs neighbour is the same. Nice spanking new PC he’s got, and already it’s been back to the shop twice because of his software mishaps :rolleyes:


I love AntiVir.


I care for my mother-in-laws pc. It’s a battle sometimes :bigsmile: She’s 77 years young bless her heart she tries :iagree:


great that she’s got a PC, i’m still trying to show my mum how to add a contact to her mobile


Removed 400+ spyware instances from my aunts PC yesterday. By the time I got to it, it had destroyed ZoneAlarm Firewall by deleting necessary .dll files. :frowning:


My mum’s pretty good, but her PC is starting to get slow for some reason. Trouble is, both she and her boyfriend use the PC all the time, so she won’t let me near it to format it. Luckily she has Kaspersky running all the time as well as ZA, so I don’t think it’s too bad on the spyware/virus front.

I’m dying to get my hands on it, though :iagree: (she’s 62, BTW)


Hmm lemme think…

About a hundred porn sites, about ten-twenty had those 900 calling wardialers in them, a couple of viruses, several trojans and 200 gigs of illegal mp3’s on the office computer of the director of a hotel company.

A completely unsecured lotus agenda, several clear text files and openly viewable lawsuits on the office computer of a very very important lawyer.

Rust and short circuits of a computer from a carwash company. The computer controlled the servo motors of the pumps in the carwash. It was placed actually inside the wash alley.

A dead rat which ate the 220V cord inside a laser printer and electrocuted itself.

A lucky coin from a theme park inside a floppy disk drive.


I’m ashamed to say that my mum is better with mobile phones than I am :o

LOL @ Belvy, that’s brilliant :bigsmile: - I bet Debro or Draggles have some similar stories :wink:


lol Luckily my mother-in-law doesn’t know how to empty her recycle bin as she deletes stuff a lot by mistake :doh:
It’s hard to keep a pc in good order when more than 1 person are using it. Especially if all users download and remove things :doh: My wife only checks her emails so i really don’t have much to worry about. And i’ve told her to let me open the attachments she gets from her friends and she does :clap:


Hehe. You’re right about it being hard to keep a PC that more than one person is using in good order, that’s the problem I have with my mum’s. :iagree: A lot of downloading goes on, trouble is the HDD’s getting full. :doh:

I’m trying to convince her to buy an external HDD, or even better a new PC. I may manage it by this time next year, LOL :doh:

To her credit, she’s more virus/spyware - aware than my neighbour upstairs is.


Don’t be sad - just look at it as your Good Deed for the day. :slight_smile:


You know what they say: No good deed shall go unpunished!

So jhtalisman’s reward is to do the exact same thing next month on the same pc! :stuck_out_tongue:


That’s pushing it a bit far I think :bigsmile:

Anyway, where’s your story, I bet you have loads :wink:


A neighbor asked me to look at his pc, as he said he had a virus, and it kept locking up on him. It took me 4 hours just to get a virus scan to run. Had to keep restarting it due to lockups. The virus scan showed over 1000 viruses, 8 different worms. He had over 500 infected emails in his outlook inbox. His wife (who didn’t live with him), had the same type problems, and took her pc to a local computer repair place. All they did is to reformat her hard drive and give her back her pc, and told her that she needed to reload all of her software. On the guys pc, I ran two different virus scan softwares, turned off system restore and cleaned that up, downloaded a dozen different worm fixers, ran adaware, then spybot (they found 3000+ problems), and after about 10hrs of work, saved his pc. Before I turned it over to him, I made him go buy mcafee antivirus and I installed if for him.

As far as I know, it is still up and running.


Yes, its high false alarm rate is hard to beat :bigsmile:

I hear you…
It seems that some especially smaller companies really have a policy of using pirated software. I was quite surprised when I saw that the first time :eek:

I believe it’s just genetic, some people are really gifted at opening porn sites with IE 6 without security updates or believing the flashing “Fix your computer” rogue anti-virus ads :bigsmile:
(The hornier, the more vulnerable, apparently.)