Computer locks

New to this so please direct me. trying to backup a movie using clonedvd2 and when I put the orignal disc in the computer locks up. only this movie none outher disc works fine in any player just not in a computer. :confused:

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Please let us know some more information about your system as now it’s impossible to say what the problem might be. What we’re especially interested in is what kind of software you have installed. It could be that certain software apps are conflicting with CloneDVD. Also let us know your hardware set-up! Which CloneDVD version are you using now by the way? It’s always a good idea to upgrade to the latest version by downloading it from

I am running XP Pro, clovedvd v2.5.3.3 and Anydvd all the lattest upgrades. It also locks up another computer I have. the lock up occures when you place the disc in during the autoread of the disc. i disabled auto read and then it only locks up when you try to access it. it sounds more like a copy protect than a conflict.

what movie are you trying to copy
try with disabled/enabled safe mode in AnyDVD
does your PC still lock without using AnyDVD?

The movie is Mulan 2, and it lock with out even any dvd running

Hi, here is my problem and if anyone has any answers I would really appreciate it. I am running Anydvd on a P4 3.4GHz. It copies fine however it freaks the computer way to often. What I mean by that is, after I am done copying I can not open Internet explorer or Mozilla or any other application that uses HTML such as, etc… If I go to the task manager I can not end Anydvd processes no matter how hard I try. The only thing I can do is to reboot the computer. Other programs such as word, excel, Adobe, etc… work just fine. This is way strange. Has anyone seen this problem or has any answers? I would be forever greatful. Thanks again. :clap:

@ dannybt,

Suggest visiting SlySoft ( and download the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD. When stating using AnyDVD and/or CloneDVD please provide the version number in your postings because these software programs are routinely updated and it necessary to be using the latest most up to date versions.

Suggest checking for any SpyWare that might be inadvertently installed on your computer. Use a SpyWare removal software utility program similar to SpyBot-Search & Destroy (

Also perchance do you have any UDF packet writing software applications installed? The flowing are examples of packet writing software programs –Drag-To-Disc, Direct CD, InCD, DLA (Drive Letter Access), CE Quadrat Just!Burn, File CD, Sony abCD, InstantWrite, Backup4all, B’s CliP, NeoClip. Packet writing software applications are very problematic, cause numerous conflict errors, and frankly don’t work as advertised. Strongly suggest removing any and all packet writing software applications.

Items that have proved to be problematic when running in the background while Burning a DVD are some Anti-Virus Programs, Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Programs, and Surfing the Internet. Burning a DVD is a demanding task and it is just wise and prudent not to be multi-tasking when Burning a DVD.

Also suggest opening up a new posting thread when reporting a recent problem. Somehow you have managed to post to a thread that is many months old.

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Hi, Thanks for the reply. I started a new Thread.
I have tried everything you said in your reply but nothing has worked so far. I just uninstalled it again and started the computer in safe mode and installed again in a completely a different Folder and Drive. We’ll see if this helps at all. Thanks again. If you like to reply to me again you please post at the address above. Thanks

First of all when you say all the latest upgrades what version do you mean. AnyDVD’s latest is but you didn’t say that. Also you say CloneDVD is, the latest is But that is neither here nor there becuase the versions are not responsible for the symtoms you describe.

I think what you have is a severely damaged or defective disk.
Your computer should not lock with a copy protected disk inserted.

Edited: Oops, not paying attention again, that’s why he had version, his post was November 2004.