Computer locks up when DVD is inserted

I really like the idea of ANYDVD. The problem I am having is that everytime I put a DVD into my drive, it starts loading and then XP just freezes. I realize that something could be causing a conflict w/ ANYDVD but I am not sure what. The only way I could solve this problem was to unistall ANYDVD. Are there any known software conflicts that would be causing this to happen?

are you using a legit key?

Do you have DV D43 loaded?

good catch
I forgot about that (never used anything else :bigsmile: )

I am using the trial version right now. I don’t know what DV D43 is, is that something I need to download? Something else I just noticed, now that AnyDVD is unistalled, the computer is still freazing so I am trying to figure out what else could be causing the problem. When I start the computer up in safe mode, there are no problems so obviously something else is causing the problem. I just can’t figure out what program it is.

check what is starting up and get rid of them all except for your firewall and antivirus and anyspyware/trojan
nothing else needs to start up
get this program Hijackthis
run sytem restore
run a system scan and get rid off all unnecessary startup items also check to see if there is any strange items booting up=spyware/tojans
even anydvd shouldnot run on start up
post back

Thanks for all the responses everyone, it turns out that it was INCD causing the problem. I dont’ know why it never messed anything up in the past, but once I unistalled it everything is back to normal. THANKS for all your help!

Nero sucks. (unqualified rambling of a disappointed user)

They’ve certainly gone down in quality over the years, that’s for sure. InCD has NEVER been a good product, but, even the regular Nero Suite has deteriorated. I wouldn’t touch Nero 7 with your machine! :smiley: I’ve personally switched most of my burning to CopyToDVD…it works very well for what I do most of the time.

I’ve come to the same conclusion! :Z