Computer Locking when disc inserted

Hi I am new but I searched and couldnt find a post similiar to mine. The issue I am having is this, I have an OPTORITE DVD RW DD0401 and a JLMS XJ-HD166S (Lite on I think). Anyway when I switch from one drive to the other the computer freezes. I have to restart the system. I have had the 2 drives on the same cable and now have them on different cables. I can use one just fine and I can use the other just fine. As soon as I insert a disc from one to the other it locks. I have the newest firmwares for both, 160E and DS1E. I have an MSI 6728 with a P4 2.8G WINXP Pro SP2 all updates. ATI AIW 9800 PRO new Catalyst drivers. SBLive!Value with newest drivers. HD is a Seagate. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

The whole system shouldn’t lock up, even if you insert a blank into the other drive.

Only the drive will try to recognize the status of the media, mediatype, mediacode, filesystem and content…

Maybe some 3rd party software/driver is interfering here, creating the trouble.

Get rid of Sonic DLA and Nero INCD for starts!
Update your BIOS and settings in the BIOS!
Remove all extra software you do not need! Like extra players!