Computer language



What kind of computer language future most development prospects?


Unity is a good one.


Zhjun, I don’t think “one computer language” is a useful goal to consider.

I want to argue, “It doesn’t matter!” but if there’s a job that needs One Language Or Another, then it DOES matter.

But inside that job, there are Platforms and Toolboxes, too. And each will be specific to that company or to that company’s customers.

Computer Programming is going to be a lifelong education process - always learning something new.

I think the Better Question might be, “Which programming language should I learn FIRST?” Whether it’s BASIC or C or a structural language versus object-oriented - I think it’s more important to consider “This is JUST the first of many languages”.

Do you like rollercoasters? I hope so. That’s what computer programming futures should be like - some anxiety and fear climbing, some exhileration and fear too going down the other side! wheeee…


Thank you


The move away from “structured languages” started in the mid-1980s, then picked up great momentum after 10 years or so. I think “object oriented” is still a slightly difficult concept to teach at first, though. However, I learned Structured Languages first so Object Oriented Languages (OOL) seemed simple after that - “Oh boy, this is what I always wanted to do!”

But would it be AS easy if I’d learned that first? OOLs rule for now, and have migrated into Framework, CUDA and every other programming platform.

The best I could offer is “Java has an immediate future but only on the front-end - the database being used is a separate language, and might offer more stability for a career choice. But NO SINGLE CHOICE will be useful for very long. Learn more languages or platforms, not less.”

(I personally think Java is a quick-fix language, only for ‘decoration’ and not a substantial language. The companies that require Java programmers seem ‘short term’ to me, and those senior programmers either learn more expansive languages and platforms, or get replaced by cheaper first-year Java programmers. If I only knew Java, I’d be constantly competing with first-year low-wage earners. That’s NOT a formula for a good career. It’s almost like 'Do you want to be the Waiter, or do you want to be The Cook?")


(I hope you’re also reading the other recent thread on this topic…)