Computer Lagging?

Whenever I burn a cd, dvd, or w/e my computer starts to lag… I dont know whats the deal. I set the speed to 40x or 16x doesnt matter the computer lags, and it takes 10 min. to burn a 80 min cd.

Any help would be very appreshiated. (spelling)?

I have a dell demension 3000, ( 1 gig ram , 2.8ghz processor)

Dynex Dx-DVDRW8 <— is the burner.

Its been driving me crazy! :a

@ Destroyer101:

Welcome to the forums! Hopefully, someone can give help you out.

The obvious question is whether the drive is in PIO or UDMA mode - ie. in System / Properties / Device Manager … check the properties of the IDE cable corresponding to your drive. If it’s in PIO mode, that may cause the slow performance.

Is this a new burner or a new installation? If not, has it been ‘lagging’ just only recently or all along since you’ve been using it?

What media are you using (be as specific as you can)? What burning software? Some more details may help narrow it down.

You’ve got plenty of horespower in your system, so it’s probably something simple.

BTW … I noticed a post on VideoHelp mentioning your burner is a rebadged BTC burner (either BTC 1008IM or 1108IM I believe). Might be worth a shot to peruse/post in the BTC threads for a better target audience.

Good luck. Cheers!

Well ive tried tons of cd brands. Its always lagged. Ill check that PIO or UDMA mode when i get home.

Ok i upgraded the firmware and still no go. It still lags i check the device manager and its in PIO mode anything else i could try and do?

PIO mode is extremely limiting your IDE performance. Have you tried changing it to “DMA If Available” (in the “Transfer Mode:” box)? See if that changes it to DMA (most likely Ultra DMA Mode 2 or similar). You should see a substantial performance difference once your IDE channel is in DMA mode (vs PIO).

…its been on “Dma if Available”. Anything else?

Well … assuming your burner is on the Secondary IDE Channel (ie. not on the same IDE channel as your O/S harddrive), you can try uninstalling the Secondary IDE Channel. Reboot, and XP should reinstall it and hopefully set it to DMA.

Other things could be as simple as the cable connection. Maybe try reseating the cable. If (by the off chance) the cable is attached upside-down (very unlikely) or backwards, I’ve heard it can affect performance.

I know some drives recommend using 80-wire cable (vs. 40). Not sure how relevant this is to your drive.

Btw … (assuming this is a PIO vs DMA issue) … this person might be a good resource for this issue or for BTC burners in general:

Also … since I’m not familiar with Dynex burners … we are talking about an internal burner, yes? If this is external, there may be a host of other issues involved.

Some helpful tips from womble:

If none of this works … then, you’ll need to consult the more experienced users in the BTC threads. You can start by doing an advanced search for keywords such as “PIO mode”, “DMA mode”, etc. specifically in the Optical Drives / BTC section.

Good luck!

FYI: Another helpful thread re. enabling DMA (esp. the 2nd post re. checking hard drive DMA/PIO settings). It may help.