Computer keeps restart'n plz help i'm stupid



i just bought a lg 4163b and when the computer starts up it says hardware found and then the computer restarts…

i also tried with a nec 3540a and it does the same thing…

help me plz plz plz

  1. Set windows to blue screen instead of rebooting.
    Right click “My Computer”, select properties and advanced tab, then hit the “Startup and recovery” button. De-select “automatically reboot”.

Now you will get a blue screen with an error message instead of a reboot. Hopefully the error message will tell us something. If it still reboots, then we also have learned something.

This is going to be a driver conflict, so let’s take a shortcut and see what you have running for an IDE controller driver. In device manager, expand the IDE ATA/ATAPI controller and look under the primary and secondary channel. It should say: “Standard Dual Channel PCI IDE Controller”. If it doesn’t say EXACTLY that, what does it say?


yo thanks for the help :slight_smile:

it says caused by file: AFS2K.SYS

STOP:0x000000050 (0xf7c7f670,0x00000000,0xf7952deb,0x0000000)

(might be more or less zeros :slight_smile: )

AFS2k.sys-address f7952deb base at f794f000, datestamp 3c7ac329

about the IDE ATA/ATAPI i don’t know what your take’n about but it says in device manger "NVIDIA nForce3 250 parallel ata controller (v2.6)

and same thing for sata controller

help me plz


Suggest you GOOGLE that file , it may be enlightening. It’s a known conflict, and was installed by some other device or program you have.

You appear to be running the Nvidia IDE controller driver, which is not ideal for burners, but for now you can leave it alone. There’s a thread or 2 here that detail how to revert to the default IDE driver for stability.

For an experiment, you can do a file search for “AFS2K.SYS”, it will probably be in the system32 folder. Move it to your desktop and see if your problem is solved. Any idea what installed this driver? Read the Google results and see if anything sounds familiar.


It’s apparently an “Oak CDrom Driver” which is a generic cdrom driver.

I’m not sure why your drives are using the oak driver, instead of “Cdrom.sys” which comes with WindowsXP.

I’d suggest the mainstream Microsoft Ide Controller Drivers be your first attempted fix, as it seems like perhaps when you connect your drives, they are running in compatability mode (ie: MSDOS 16bit compatability mode).