Computer keeps going off

When I convert media files to DVD my computer over heats and just goes off onits own. My Room is not hot, and all the fans work fine. Any way to stop this form hapeeing its getting anoying as hell.

You either have a heat issue, or a power supply issue. Try opening your case and setting up a fan to blow cool air directly into the case while you are creating your dvd (after blowing any dust bunnies out first), and see if that takes care of it. If that works, you need more cooling. If it doesn’t work, you may have a power supply issue.

You might also want to clean off the 2 pounds of dust and hair that’s accumulated on the CPU cooler. :iagree:

How can I get it to cool down better and faster? With out opeing it up and putting a normall house fan there?

I agree with that. Elsewhere inside the case too, it did my PC the world of good when I was having problems with it locking up under heavy CPU use.

Compressed air did the job for me.

You could try a new aftermarket CPU heatsink/fan.

You PC specs in your sig don’t mention a Motherboard, but there should be monitoring software (Motherboard Monitor and Speedfan come to mind) where you can monitor temps and fan speeds under load. If your temps don’t go over 60 degrees Celcuis then I’d say it’s your PSU.

That is exactly what you should try!!!

Agree with jhtalisman. U can also check bios for voltages, such as CPU and PSU. Otherwise if ur comp isnt overclocked then original fans should suffice, even at 100% load. You can also try progs such as Asus Probe (for asus mobos) and see the voltages and temps under max load.

Does it shut off when converting/encoding or when burning? Reason being is that converting/encoding would usually be a heat issue and burning would lead me to believe a PSU thing since the burner only puts a minimal load on the PSU while idle, and while burning would put it at/near max load.

It only happens when its Converting. I did a check of the temp with Everest and it shows 63 for CPU when its just on and not doing anthing mager. The motherbaord is 35.

My vote goes to heat being the issue…

Did a check of the temp with Everest and it shows 63 for the CPU when its just on and not doing anthing mager. The motherbaord is 35.

Yeah, we heard the first time. :wink:
When u say “when its just on” do u mean an idle temp and what does it give you during converting?

When It just On and doing nothing. Idle.

Mine is showing 56 at the moment (I am just browsing) and its got a factory fan. Did u check voltages in BIOS?

I’d get a 2nd opinion from MB Monitor or Speedfan, but it seems like you either have a heatsink with clogged fins or a heatsink/fan combo that needs replaced very badly. I recommend the Artic Cooling Freezer 64 Pro (on sale at Newegg if you are in the States). Made a world of difference on my setup and was pretty easy to install.

I’d say heat and/or PSU issue