Computer keeps changing drive letter

Hi all, can some one tell me why my computer changes the letter of my external dvd burner every time I turn it off. It goes from drive L: to drive K: and vice versa every time I turn my pc on. It should be K: and it has been K: for over a year, now all the sudden, it intermitently changes it back and forth, any thoughts would be appreciated.

what OS u have ??

have you recently removed a drive from the machine?

Have you installed other external devices on the same port? Have you installed some new softwares? Any changes to your computer?

I am running windows xp pro. Recent changes was that I had to completely return my computer to it’s original state because I was having problems with my external dvd drive freezing and HP support told me that this would be the better option.

Ohh yeah before I forget, the drive that was freezing got replaced with a newer version and instead of USB2, I am running it on a firewire connection, it that helps any.

Apart from drive letter changing, it solved your problem? Do you have again freezings?

when it will change to L: change it whit windows drive menager to K: … should help… if not tray to set other like me (i got XYZ laters of DVD/CD drives :slight_smile:

It did get rid of the freezing. I will try to manually change back and see if that helps. Thanks all for your help and support.

How is your IDE set up? I had a similar problem once… I had two harddrives jumpered as “cable select” on the same flat cable. Although it should not happen, on system boot, the master and slave were dynamically determined, resulting in changing drive letters after a boot with exchanged master and slave. Dunno if that’s the case with you, but it might just be.