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I have an old computer which runs on Win98. I tried to upgrade it to XP Pro with a clean install (erased Windows file in 98). Halfway through it said setup could not continue.What do I do? Please Help.

Did you have it first run off the CD drive to install XP pro? And do you have xp pro sp2 or slipstream xp with sp2? What do you mean “erased windows file in 98”?? I know from my clean installs of xp pro sp2 that I run off the cd drive as boot first configuration and from that I do a complete wipe of drive and repartition the drive to get it ready for xp. Also I use NTFS file format not FAT32 for security and reliable system operations. How big is your HDD and your memory and processor? What part in the half way process is it at when it says it couldn’t continue?

Sorry but I don’t understand “Did you have it first run off the CD drive to install XP pro”. The disk has sp2 and it asked if i wanted to erase the previous system files(Windows file in 98).I don’t know the specs of the PC since I got it from somebody and didn’t bother to check when it was still running.

The error message is like this:

Windows Setup

The following value in the .SIF file used by Setup is corrupted or missing:

Value 0 on the line in section [SourceDisksFiles]
with key “”

Setup cannot continue To quit Setup, press F3

Looks like you got or bought a bad source disk. You might want to go back and return it and get a better copy of the disk. What brand and model is your cd/dvd drive do you have? On the part of the install when you first boot up the computer you can change the bios setup that it will first read the cd/dvd drive and from that it will start the windows install for xp. That is where you can do a complete wipe or repartition of the drive itself removing any previous windows setup therefore making the drive a clean drive. Hope that clears up more of what I was trying to say without confusing you more. But does that disk install and work properly on another clean system install?

Basically, you have a couple of options.

  1. Try the install again using different methods - first, install exactly the same way you tried the first time, then try other methods - someone here suggested that you boot FROM your CD… that sounds like a good plan.

  2. If the install fails at exactly the same point every time you try to install then, as coolcolors said, you probably have a bad source disk - get a new one.

If your computer came with win98, it might be a pretty old computer and might not work that well with xp anyway.

Good luck!

The disk worked fine on this computer I’m using now. The BIOS setup is already set to boot from CD/DVD Drive. When you said “That is where you can do a complete wipe…” you mean on the BIOS setup or the Windows XP installation. I don’t really know what my CD drive is but it’s a recordable rewritable cdr drive. thanks for your help.

futilerebel: i did boot form the cd

At the windows xp installation it will give you options at that point. I don’t recall the exact options and the steps but that is where you can repartition or delete the current partition and then from that point on you can do a fresh install of xp.

Just format the hard drive and then install windows. When windows gets to the install screen asking what partition and what file system, you can choose Fat 32 or NTFS. Also you should have at least 128MB RAM and P3 CPU.