Computer has crashed



The screen on my computer kept going off then after a couple of seconds it would come on with a message saying:

VPU recover has reset your graphics accelerator as it was no longer responding to graphics driver commands

My graphics card is a Radeon X700 I know that (ATI CATALYST) software comes into it somewhere but I’m no expert.
Anyway I was downloading Spy Bot but the download needed updating so I started to download the updates. About halfway through the download it seemed to stop but after about 5 min started again. It took about 20 min to finish downloading the remaining 50% then when it completed the download 100% the page just kept on as if it was still downloading and I couldn’t do anything with the computer. After about 10 min I turned of computer of as there was nothing else I could do. Now when I start the computer after about 1-2 min max the screen goes into standby mode and displays no signal is being received. I have tried to system restore but don’t have enough time. I have started in last known good configuration and safe mode but the same thing happens the screen goes of after 1-2 min.

Could the failed download have caused this fault. What I don’t want to do is download the latest version of software for Radeon X700 from CD for the screen to fail half way through.

Help pleas I’m no expert and I will try and supply anymore info you might require.


it’s seem like a system problem,try to download a freeware call advance windowcare and run it…
i think i will slove your problem.


Ill give it a try thanks


Problem sorted graphics card needs replacing. It cant be fixed