Computer hardware requirements for running AnyDVD & CloneDVD2



I’m new to this forum. I have backed up my DVDs using AnyDVD & CloneDVD2 on a PIII, 1GHzt, 1024MB ram - the process is quite fast for this old machine. My friend’s backup experience has been quite slow - he uses a P4, 2.4GHzt, 256MB ram. Can he do any to accelerate the backup process?


Hey and welcome to CDF’s
There could be two things affecting his burn…

  1. His RAM; 256mb ram isnt really enough for DVD buring so a ram upgrade might be in order.
  2. DMA might not be enabled on the buner. To cheek this Right click on “My Computer” > Hardware > Device Manager > IDE/ATAPI Controlers. Once here right click on the “Secondary IDE Channal” then > Advance Setting. Once here does it say PIO or DMA? If it says PIO click the drop down box and tell it to use DMA.



G’Day VirusHack, thanks for your reply - I’ll give the info to my mate.