Computer hangs up during writing

my first question : is it posible to downgrade firmware on a plextor 12/4/32 ts (scsi ) ? i ’ ve upgrade the firmware from 1.03 to 1.04 yesterday and suspect it to give me problems .

my problem : while writing cd ’ s , at a certain moment , my computer hangs , the hard disk led is on , and the only posibility is to shut of the computer and take a fresh restart , with of course a wasted cd r ,

i ’ ve tried it with windows 98 and roxio , next i 've tried it with windows 2000 and nero 5.5 and at last i ’ ve tried it with windows xp and nero 5.5 , no way !!

i have a second writer ( plextor 24/10/40 ( ide )) and the same thing happened , i really don ’ t know what else to do ,

weeks ago i installed the forceaspi driver , should that gives problems ? and what the about the combination of the two writer programs nero and clonecd ?

i know , a lot of questions , but i realy appreciate any help ,

try the 1.07 firmware for the plex124
check if dma is enabled on all (hdd’s, plex24) devices

are you sure that your computer completely hangs? how long did you wait?

thanks for the reply , first of all my plextor 12/4/32 ts is the scsi version wich means that the latest firmware is 1.04 and not 1.07 , i will check the dma settings for the harddisks in windows 98 and test it and let you know the results , by the way , in windows xp , where can you check the dma setting and find the firmware version ?


i too have the plex 124 scsi version, and fw 1.07 is the latest! 1.04 is outdated. check here & here.


i just saw that plex 1210 !!! has 1.04 latest, maybe you mixed them up?

Originally posted by robertzimmer
by the way , in windows xp , where can you check the dma setting
Start, Control Panel, System, Hardware tab, Device Manager, IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers.

Actually, I couldn’t find anything about DMA settings in Win XP - exactly where are they? I;ve looked at properties for the CD-ROms, the ATA controllers and IDE channels… nothing…

Where I said they were :stuck_out_tongue: Doubleclick on IDE ATA/ATAPI Controllers, Second Tab. There you’ll see what DMA setting Windows XP is using.

thankx , and what about the firmware version , in win 9x it was easy to check in the control panel , but in windows xp , i cannot find it , i 'm sure you can tell me ,


er… nope.

Now I worried about being silly - but there is NOTHING about DMA properties on my Win XP.

If I double click under IDE ATA/ATAPI contollers, it lists three devices:

Intel® 82801BA Ultra ATA Controller
Primary IDE Channel
Secondary IDE Channel

Nothing within any of these has anything about DMA settings (on my Win XP (Professional edition) )

Just three tabs in each, General, Driver and Resources…

Erm… any help???

if your harddisk(s) are ultra ata66(100) then ( maybe ) they are not not connected to the ata/ide channels but to the scsi and raid controllers ( control panel ), in fact , to answer that question , we should check your system ,


Both hard disks are Ultra 100 but are connected to the IDE channels. No SCSI/Raid controllers as far as I’m aware…

Sorry I thought they were where I said they were. Unfortunately I switched back to Windows ME because XP gave me problems with my DMA settings and my VooDoo 3 card so I can’t check :frowning: Maybe this will help you ?

thankx for all the replys , it seems ( hopefully ) that i discovered the problem of the hanging of my computer ,
i have in fact four harddisks connected : two scsi 's connected to a adaptec controller card ( 2940uw )and two ata 66 (100 ) , now i discovered that the problem occured when i write a clone cd image stored on one of my ata harddisks ( the ibm 40 gb one ) , there seems to be a problem with the hpt 366 driver ( highpoint technologies )for the ata/ide channels ,
i copied the clone cd images to one of my other harddisks and never had a bad cdr again ,
checked the homepage ( highpoint technologies ) for the drivers but there is not a updated driver avaiable for the moment ,
anyway , i don ’ t use the ibm harddisk for storing a image for the moment ,

bye ,

when ever i write a ccd image onto a cd using clonecd v4.3.1.6 my computer shuts down too. but i only have 1 hard drive how can i solve this problem

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