Computer Hangs, Restarts on its own 3-4times and then Display is Gone

Hi all. i am new to these forum . actually i am experiencing a problem so i googled the problem and found ur forum got my self registered and here i am

i am using asus-p5sgx-mx 1gb ram core 2 duo windows xpsp2.
i was using computer and all of a sudden it hanged and when i restarted the computer there was no display not even bios. i contacted my local computer repair he said that my pc had dust all over… he blowed it and the display came back. when i brought my pc back at home it worked for around 10 minutes and then restarted on its own. it didnt fully load windows and restarted again 3 times. after that display was gone once again.

i read this forum and downloaded mbm
here are some findings

cpu -104C average
sensor 2- 0C average
sensor 3- 0C average
core0- 2.49V average
core1-3.73V average
+3.3-3.31V average
+5.00-5.56V average
+12.00-12.83V average
-12.00- -11.10V average
-5.00- -4.94V average
Fan 1 - 5625 RPM
Fan 2 - 33750 RPM
Fan 3 - 33750 RPM

can someone help me out??


Download coretemp and report back the cpu’s temp. If that number you reported is anywhere close, then your cpu is overheating and probably the heatsink is not properly attached.

The voltages that whatever software your using maybe way off, the only way to test the voltages accuratly is with a volt meter and measureing at a molex connector.


[B]cpu [/B]-104C average


104 C??? I think your heat sink or cpu cooler has failed you. Not sure how much your CPU can take, but there is your problem.