Computer games which SHOULD be movies immediately

And of course there are some computer games that still haven’t been converted into Hollywood movies.

Which one would you like to see as a movie ?

I didn’t add MOHAA or Return to Castle Wolfenstein , since we got plenty " US army fighting Nazi’s " already :slight_smile:

Hmm I voted for Larry… cause he could be Austin Powers II… that would be great eh?

Besides that… euh there are quite some games that could be great movies… Monkey Island, Star wars racer (:D), Command & Conquer & Co, Death rally, Warcraft etc etc… maybe even Commander Keen :slight_smile:

The storyline inMax Payne or Deus Ex would be great for a film.:cool:

Duke Nukem, hehe, especially with the chicks :wink:

I too voted for Larry! :smiley:

I missed a few: Half-life, the Monkey Island series, and Full Throttle.

Deus Ex is already being made into a movie. So that rules it out. The game that really desrves to be a movie is the MechWarrior franchise. great plot, great action, great game. I will wait and hope that if they do make it that it won’t turn out to be another “Wing Commander” . They ruined the image of such a great game :a

Most of the adventure games… Monkey Island, The Longest Journey, Broken Sword etc…
Doom and Max Payne were neat also. :slight_smile:

Originally posted by FlyingDutchman
Deus Ex is already being made into a movie.

Well if thats true, then that disbars it from the category of should be made into a movie immediately, as its. Otherwise is should, like Max Payne, be added immediately. As far as Deus Ex, is concerned when is the film scheduled for release then, and I really hope they do a good job of it because it was an awesome game, and game -> film doesn’t always work well (e.g. street fighter, mortal Kombat etc.)

Also @ Mr. B; you can never have enough good American killing German movies, and i though your next poll wasn’t for another day at least…

Max Payne is also being made into a movie, at least a contract have allready been set up… :slight_smile:


all computer game based movies I’ve seen were pretty bad, so I voted for Leisure Suit Larry. Since most (soft) erotic movies have poor plots, they can’t screw up that one (if they only leave the humor in)

I voted for Morrowind but i also like Larry :bigsmile: !

And what about Discworld ? (You should also read the books :smiley: :smiley:
Actually the books are far more better than the games. Ok i know: Make a move based on the books ! ) :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I actually heard that they are thinking of making Myst into a movie. May God help us all…


Tetris…interesting!? :confused:

If you made the movie about Monthy Pyton drop dead tetris it could be interesting though?? :slight_smile:

or how about Digger? PC classic (I think), so the movie will be an instant classic too…!!!

pacman would be cool :wink:

How about an actually scary movie, Silent Hill… THAT i would pay -what is it now? 8.50?- to go see.

Originally posted by Bloodstar007
How about an actually scary movie, Silent Hill… THAT i would pay -what is it now? 8.50?- to go see.

Ah, some people still pay to go to the movies… :slight_smile:

I didnt use to have to, i used to have a bunch of friends that worked at a theater near by so if i wanted to see something they’d let me in thru the side enterance…