Computer game players 'more likely to drink, ignore family and have low self-esteem'

Step away from that game console :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Thanks to Kyle and the folks at Hardocp for this one.

The whole shenanigan is about which comes first,the chicken or the egg :wink:

Anti-social people may be more likely to retreat to gaming.
People that smoke cannabis may have plenty of spare time, so resort to gaming as cheap way to fill in their time.
Less time spent with other people generally lowers self-esteem & causes social isolation (like Duh:p ) anyway.

So it’s comes down to whether people were like that in the first place and resorted to gaming, vs people that started gaming & ended up social recluses :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure there will be fringes in either side, but my bet would be that the majority of gamers were already social recluses, or have addictive personalities, before they became hardcore socially reclusive gamers.

And worse … some people end up living virtual lives online -> My sister is a wow addict & 1/2 her friends (many of which she’s now also met in real-life) are playing Wow with her anyway The whole wow experience has turned into a networking opportunity … admittedly networking with people which are unlikely to help propel her up the food chain :stuck_out_tongue:

Lots of truth to that ‘cept addictive personalities are usually referred to people who "self medicate’. Barring any physical anomaly, i.e. a persona who has limited mobility, or a mildly autistic person, who uses this venue as access to the outside world. I had a brother-in-law who hasn’t dated in 10 years because he gave up on women, the 3 dimensional kind. So porn could be added to this list and is probably a greater issue. Though with most guys the social inactivity probably only lasts a couple of minutes.