Computer Freezing

Hey guys, I’ve been using DVD Fab Platinum for a month or two now and love it. I recently noticed though that when I try to rip a DVD that the computer turns itself off. I checked the power settings on my laptop and they all show that it will stay on indefinitely. I leave my computer on all the time, but when DVD Fab is running it just shuts down. It doesn’t seem to be a gently shut down either because when I turn the computer back on it has to do the disk check thing. I leave the box “turn off computer when finished” unchecked. I only make generic rips so I don’t know if other aspects of the program would have the same effect. I see the DVD start to burn and then when I check later the whole thing is shut off. Any ideas?

This may be a heat issue. The MPEG-4 conversions really give the CPU a workout. Power may also be a factor. Try improving the airflow and make sure all the AC power connections are tight.