Computer freezing

i have a p4 2.4 Ghz HT processor, 1.5 GB DDR Ram (3 sticks of 512mb),
asus motherboard p4p800, 200 GB Hard drive and 60 GB IDE hard drives, 2 burners and bout 6 fans in total in the casing. windows xp pro sp2.
the computer would freeze unexpectedly…could work for days or a few hours before freezing up. upon freezing up…ctrl, alt & del do not bring up the task manager; keyboard and mouse stop responding. the computer is not restarted on its own, but displaying my current screen position …desktop icons or playing game. the only things at that point i can do is to hit the power or reset button on the tower. if i restart, it would boot up like nothing happend and no errors before/after crashing. i have tried using programs like motherboard monitor to check cpu, case temps…all are under 45-50c. can someone give me some ideas to resolve this problem.
thx in advance.

What power is your PSU? You can start with a memory test, like those recommended in my thread (FidelC)

i agree with FidelC.

sounds to me like either a PSU or a memory problem.

i’d test your memory one stick at a time using a memtest program. (I personally use memtest86, but there are a number available for free online).

if the memory turns out clean then it’s likely a faulty or underperforming power supply. did you build this computer? you’ve got a lot of “stuff” in there and it’s easy to skimp on the PSU when building…(and it’s even easier for manufacturers to skimp on the PSU with prebuilt systems!)

i’m nto sure what a good reliable program is to check the PSU…you may just have to try a replacement and see if it works.

if you’re lucky, you may be able to get the work done under waranty (a new PSU if you bought it separately or by bringing the whole system in to a repair shop if it’s still covered under manufacturer warranty)

at least you’ve ruled out heat as an issue…it didn’t sound to me like an overheating problem as heat issues are generally more predictable (ie freeze/reboot when system is under heavy load)

both memory and PSU issues can present erratically like you’ve described…good luck!

Testing power supplies isn’t that hard (at lest some initial testing). You can do it in software (I think motherboard monitor 5 or speed fan can tell voltages and both are free). Start you monitoring program, then start some big file transfers, then start prime 95 while the file transfers are still going (or whatever you want to do to really tax your system). You mainly just need to look at 3.3v, 5v, and 12v. they should stay less than 5% out of spec. Don’t be alarmed if they are way out of spec as software isn’t always relaible for testing voltages. If it does go out of spec at any time though (more than 5%), then further testing would be in order. If you don’t have one, get a multi meter. If there is a harbor freight tools near you, I have seen them there as cheap as 3$ on sale. you can get one at walmart for 10$ or less. Set the multi meter to test voltage, take one of the molex conectors (like you plug to drives), and run the red probe to the yellow wire and the black probe to a black wire. They often have a needle on the probe that you can just stick up in the molex hole. Then start you computer (watch voltage as it starts up), then try some stress testing and watch voltage. thats for 12v. Repeat the proceedure conected to the red wire and a black wire on the molex to test the 5v.

What kind of voltages are being reported?

Do you have a soundblaster installed? My sb Audigy2 used to do this until I rolled back the drivers.

Internal Modem?
Often freeze the PC, due to poor programming.

Two sound cards installed/activated(onboard + PCI)?

Also, as RnR already said … it’s highly likely one of your Ram sticks is failing. Windows dies when you access that particular range in your ram …

i have a 420W psu. i have started checking the ram. it took over 10 hours to check a stick a ram…is there any other way checking ram. what is a good program for checking ram? i am getting irratated with the computer…dont get me wrong…its a nice system. i had it under a year.
would it be possible for someone to come and check out the system?

Prime 95.

Will check your ram & the CPU stability for you.

It’ll generally error-out within 2 hours on the stress tests, depending on what you are stressing.

Only good for CPU, Ram & Cache though.
Thrash those buggers!

Someone to visit you? Might help if you specify what COUNTRY you are in :wink:

thx debro, ill check out that ram test prog. and i am in new york if someone can take out some time for a new challenge…my system!