Computer freezing up

clone dvd 2 makes my computer freeze up…i have installed and uninstalled several times…what can i do

need some more info I think for the members here to really try to help

What movie, what decrypter are you using, Burner model and firmware number, size of HD and how much free space, what other burn programs are installed, Is DMA enabled, the list can go on, so please provide as much info as you can.

ok… i am new to computers so this is what i know…hp pavilion xp media center edition
intel ® pentium ® 4 cpu 3.00 ghz 2.79 ghz 0.99 gb of ram

my dvd burner i think is a samsung sp1614c dvdr rw gwa-4161b im using clone dvd2 and any dvd

You could try closing down all the background proceses not needed. You may have a conflict somewhere.