Computer Freezes When Reading from GSA-H42L


I’ve recently got my hands on a GSA-H42L. I haven’t needed to burn anything yet, but I’m already having trouble reading from it!

Most of the time it works fine, but occasionally when watching a DVD or listening to a CD the whole computer will just freeze for maybe 15 seconds, then continue as if nothing had happened!

This didn’t happen with my previous drive (an LG CD writer combo drive), and the drive is the only change I’ve made to my hardware since then.

It’s on the same primary PATA cable as a hardrive and is set as slave, if that helps. (I hate PATA - why couldn’t I find a SATA LG drive?) Oh, and it was set by BIOS to be UDMA 4. I’m using Windows XP, SP2 naturally.

Hope someone can help. Cheers!

make sure the dma settings in bios is set to auto , also have a look at this guide
having a burner and a hard drive on same ide cable is just a plain bad idea