Computer freezes when i use my cd-burner

my cd burner use to work fine. i then got a cable modem and downloaded zonealarm as my firewall. now whenever i go to burn a cd using songs from my database, the computer freezes and it doesnt work but when i copy one cd onto another, the burner works. i tried un-installing and re-installing the program. i downloaded a different burning program off the internet and the same thing happens, the computer freezes. i tried closing down every program and then burn the cd, but of course that didnt work either. any suggestions??? thank you very much for your time and your ideas

Well a strange problem, as far as you can copy a cd on the fly but you can’t copy files from a hard disk to cd. Your cd-burner is an IDE-ATAPI model or a SCZI model? What operating system you use? Songs are in mp3 format or WAV format? Well if I know that then will be more helpfull. You have any message before your system freeze, or just freeze? some things you can try though. Defrag your hard drive(s). If you use Windows 9.x /Me, then try using ctr+alt+del to close all programs except explorer and system tray, that works on background. Then open your burning software and try to burn a cd. see if you have a conflict between devices in your system manager. To see that just right click on computer icon on your desktop and then click on properties. when a window open click on device manager and see if you have any yellow ! or a ? before a device. Try to uninstall and re-install your burning software. see in the Site of your cd-burner if there is availiable any new drivers or any new firmeware for your cd. But be carefull when you try to flash your cd-burner. even it seems easy if something goes wrong you may make your device not to work properly, or even make your device not work at all. You must know what you do before try this. Read carefully the helpfile comes with the flash firmware program, and follow the steps. If all this don’t help then try to install windows again. sometimes there is a conflict between some .dll’s or some virtual devices, like .vxb and that cause your system to freeze. Well wish you good luck, and if after try these you still have problems, answer to my questions and may will be more helpfull to you. But probably ssome programs conflict. Good luck.